Mandy Furever Happy Tail

Mandy Makes It Furever! Beaver Creek Happy Tail

It’s another one for the home team! This time we get to share Mandy’s happy tail – which granted, wags happily pretty much all the time anyways – because she’s been adopted! Mandy, our beautiful blonde from Beirut has claimed more hearts, four to be precise, and wiggled her way into a permanent spot on the couch.

mandy furever home

It always seemed to us that Mandy was younger than the age suggested when she arrived at Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary, by way of BETA Lebanon. Perhaps it was the fact that she missed out on so many months after the car accident that smashed her jaw, and prompted her first Beirut family to abandon her tied off on the side of the road. Perhaps its the irrepressible Viszla breed heritage the gave her both the energy and intelligence to know a good thing when it came her way – and lived it up big time!

No matter her actual age, and no matter what she’s been through, Mandy is about to have one of the best lives a dog could wish for – lots of walks, lots of room, lots of love from a dog-savvy family that knows what it takes to “be a dog.”

We bow in humble thanks to the most excellent foster family: Jessica, Hailey, Bella and Lucas who all worked their magic to make Mandy feel welcome and loved while she camped at their temporary home.

many happy tail furever home

Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary welcomes volunteers and foster families all year long, and especially during the seasons when abandoned, neglected and surrendered animals most need an extra hand. Please do visit our Volunteers Page here on the website, or complete a Volunteer Application online – we look forward to meeting you!

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