mama adopted with help of adoptions coordinator silvana

Mama Adopted, Her Furever Name is Mia

In a tip of the hat to Abba (intentionally or otherwise! ) Mama, now Mia, has been adopted!

Northern Dog Mama

Yes, that’s right, the team here at Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary are incredibly happy and proud to announce Mama has been adopted and has gone to her forever home. 

Happy furever home Mama, you now have a family of your very own. No more foraging for food scraps, now more having to protect your puppies from monsters, now more sleeping with one eye open and hyper vigilant all the time. Doesn’t that sound great for you, our little * former* Northern Dog?

Mama – Mia will be safe and loved.  We thank all of the dedicated volunteers that helped make her adoption happen, and the sponsors that help us keep the rescue going day in and day out. 

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