Maltipoo up for Adoption… again! – Adopted Aug 2015

Adopting a high energy puppy can be a challenge for excited families who don’t anticipate all the ups and downs of puppy-hood. If you are looking for a calm low energy dog please consider a senior who will share your couch and not require much walking or training.

Consider your lifestyle when considering a companion animal.

Puppies are Serious Business!

The highs and lows of puppy training are often too much for some families who were lured in by puppy breath and cute faces. As months pass and the puppy hits their “teen years” they start pushing limits. If the family isn’t dog savvy and not willing to participate in a training program this can end in tragedy for the dog.

This is how ten month old dogs get surrendered with the dreaded and often fatal label: bite history — a death sentence for many dogs in shelters without a rescue to help.


We have one such maltipoos who has been returned to BCFS and after a few weeks of rehabilitation with our foster team Lenny is looking for a loving dog savvy forever home.

Pink maltese maltipoo puppy adoptable

Lenny is a wonderful dogs who needs a family willing to set firm limits and do plenty of walking. The maltipoos are very active, curious and athletic! We’ve discovered the key to success is exercise. Stimulating the brain with long walks or hikes is the way to go with these healthy pups.

They are also incredibly food motivated and will steal your sandwich, so don’t leave food out or unattended. No, the kitchen table is not safe. Use food motivation as a tool to reward positive behaviour!

Lenny has a history of nipping, so families with children under five will be considered cautiously.

This is what Foster Mom Raye has to say about Lenny:

We had a very pleasant walk today (July 22, 2015) and much to my delight Lenny not only met a little boy and did not jump, mouth or bark but took a treat nicely from the palm of his hand.

I think it may be time to start the search for his forever home. I think a home with another dog of similar energy around his size would be a big asset. He likes to play with my cat as well so a cat as long as it gets along with dogs would be ok.


His new family would also have to be on board with making sure the rules are set and consistent. He is crate trained. Does well on house training but needs reminding on occasion. He walks well on a lead but will bark occasionally so I carry a bark can but have not needed it the last two days. He has never shown any food or toy aggression and loves to play the steal the hoof game with my dogs.

He also loves to play fetch the tennis ball and brings it back, A calm house will help with his mouthing if you escalate the excitement he gets carried away. He can be quite the thief if you leave say a sandwich unattended so Paul has found out. lol


He is very athletic and has energy to burn I am sure someone out there will love him.

Interested? Up for the Challenge? 

Fill out an adoption application from our forms and documents page and submit it to our adoption coordinator!

23 thoughts on “Maltipoo up for Adoption… again! – Adopted Aug 2015”

  1. I may have missed it but how old is he? I have a yochon girl that is 3yrs old and am looking for a friend for her. How big is he?

  2. Would it be possible to meet with Lenny before filling out an adoption request? We want to see how we would fit together before considering the commitment. We currently have 2 dogs both just over a year old. Every pet we have had the pleasure of sharing our life with has remained with us until there time here has ended. We are a larger family of 5 people, 4 over 20 and one 13 yr old. All huge dog lovers. An active family with lots more love to share! We take this very seriously and always take our time to make sure it’s a good fit for all of us including Lenny! If this is possible please let us know. Thank you Pauline

  3. Hello has Lenny been adopted? I am looking for a little friend to get my butt off the couch in the evenings and get out and walk with. Have had dogs all my life and never surrendered anyone all have been with me until they were very old and died. We have had Alaskan Malamutes for the last 27 years and I lost my American Eskimo dog two years ago and am finally ready to have another little “friend” to share my life with.

    Please let me know.
    Erica Des Roches

    1. Yes, Lenny is still up for adoption. Please fill out an adoption application and email to our adoption coordinator. You can find all the information on our forms and documents page! Thank you for considering a rescue dog.

  4. Is Lenny still up for adoption ? I will love for him to be apart of my family “high energy” is the perfect fit for me and my family.

  5. Hi! Is Lenny still available? We currently have a 1 yr old maltiopoo named penny and have been looking for a new addition to our family! Would love to meet him as soon as possible if he is still available!

  6. I am interested in adopting Lenny.What is the adoption fee ? We are a married couple with no kids. Would love to have a little guy like him in our home.

  7. Howdy…we have two 8 year old brother Bichon-Poo boys. We lost our third side kick Poppy who was a 16 year old Female Malty-Poo about 5 months ago. We love having a small pack around the house and our boys are very energetic 8 year olds but also love their “couch time”. We are looking for another member for our silly doggy club. We would be looking at a buddy who’s been fixed. Has Lenny been neutered?

  8. i am interested in giving any kind of tiny lap dog a loving home
    I lost my little angel 2 weeks ago. And missing him so much..
    He was so therapeutic for me as I am a senior in need of company and some I can walk and love
    I have seen some of your pictures. And luv them all. Plse
    Let me know cost of adoption and if I could go out and meet some of your beautiful little dogs. Tks. L

  9. I am interested in adopting a maltese or a shih-tzu adult that is house trained. Please contact me if a dog is available. I am a older person, at home most of the time and am able to give the dog lots of walks and love. I would like to congratulate your organization for doing such a great job helping out these animals.

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