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Making Room at Beaver Creek Farm, The Container Arrives

Managing a farm sanctuary is as much about having the room and facility to help the animals as it is about the animals themselves. That’s why we acquired a used shipping container to house some of the critter-vulnerable items we need to rehabilitate and nurture them.

building container
Imagine this as an outdoor canvas just waiting for art!

It’s critter-proof, heavy-duty, and will withstand the crazy weather of all kinds. However, it comes pretty much just like you’d see it on the average shipping harbour – secure, but absolutely empty.

building container farm life
really heavy!

There have been a few shifts of Brent plus skilled and mighty volunteers working diligently to get the container into shape. First it had to be leveled and supported – not a small feat with a box that weighs lots of tons! Gord and Jerry helped Brent make that happen.

building container farm life
Making room to sustain animal rescue

Then the inside building began. The trio made a great start on the weekend. Jerry is back today, on this dreary wet cold kind-of-snowy day, completing more of the shelving.

Measure twice, cut once!
Measure twice, cut once!
Teamwork! Brent and Jerry
Teamwork! Brent and Jerry
It's a two man job
It’s a two man job

The shelves will be home to the generous food donations made by our sponsors, including Global Pet Foods Pharmacy & Ellesmere Toronto; Nature’s Logic, and CaniSource .

food donation

They will also store bed and blanket donations which come in from an assortment of volunteers and donors. Food and supplies for the farm sanctuary animals will stay protected, much to the benefit of Hershel, Ginger and Charlotte the VPB pigs, Mr. Smith and his gaggle of ducks, Mushroom and Athos the barn cats, and of course Autumn, Turtle and Splash the horses.

making room at the sanctuary

We can’t wait for spring, when we get to have a mural painting party to spruce up the outside! Design ideas welcome – we’d love to have your input on sexy cool uplifting mantras, images and swirls to plaster all over and make it a BCFS work of installation art!

Email us anytime! 





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