Magic the Mini Rex Update: Love found with Bella

A wonderful update from Magic’s new family! So good we had to share! Thank you Leah for giving Magic and Bella a wonderful and creative home. Magic was adopted the fall of 2015 from BCFS’s foster care program.

From Magic’s forever Mama…

Hi Amy. I was looking for something in my folders and found an email I sent you a while ago was not sent!! Sorry about that! I’ll give you that update I promised now 😲


 Magic is doing well. He is Bella’s shadow. Although he doesn’t come to us on his own for affection, he will let us pet him when Bella is getting pet (she loves us) Magic seems to be quite content with only getting pet by Bella, and she is constantly grooming him. He has a very good appetite, he loves most of the foods we give them, except he has not quite caught on to strawberry tops and banana yet. Nothing ever goes to waste with the pair of them!

magic and bella

 It is amazing to see the two of them together, especially knowing the anxiety I had about it such a short time ago. They play chase, cuddle and chew whatever is around, always side by side. Its so nice to know that they have that companionship. I regret not having mates for my pet bunnies as a child, seeing these two together has shown me the bond that rabbits need with one another. My attack rabbit Bella has completely changed, she doesn’t’ even get mad when Magic steels food right from her mouth, she just hunts out another piece. It is very obvious that they love each other. This was totally worth all the hassle and work of bonding them, probably I didn’t even need to be so cautions and wait so long. I think back now and believe I may have miss read Bella. She may not have been trying to attack through the cage the first couple times but may have been trying to get into the cage to get close to Magic… if only animals could talk, then we wouldn’t make so many human mistakes!


 So in conclusion, Magic and Bella seem happy and comfortable in there home. They love each other and always have a cuddle buddy. They love to eat and eat well.  Magic is extremely well groomed (of course he is a typical male and does not return the grooming favor to Bella, I may have to brush her out in the spring unless he learns…) And Bella and I thank you very very much for introducing us to Magic, giving us the chance, and encouraging us when we were worried!

magic, bella people

 There success makes me wish I could help another bunny like your Donkey by bringing him into the brood.  At this time I don’t think I have space to do so adequately though. But if I am able to build the outside run that I hope for, I will defiantly consider it. I want to make a run attached to there current home via tunnels … like the runaround that they sell in Europe. Have you seen these? Seems like a fantastic idea, as long as they withstand Canadian climate. If the bunnies had permanent access to a run then they could have grass and “freedom” from the cage at any time they liked. Not an easy task though so its just a hope right now.

 Hope your enjoying the winter and keeping warm.

Thanks again, Leah

1with newmama

Thank you Leah for the update, the pictures and the wonderful life you’ve given to these special bunnies.

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