Magic and Miracles – Sweet Sundae finds her Forever Home

It’s so quiet now that she’s gone to her forever home and I’m sad. Sometimes that happens when we hold so tightly to those so sick that we get attached. Densely and closely attached. So strong is this bond that it hurts when they leave.


Sundae has been with us for months and months while we healed her body and her spirit. She grew into a beautiful dog who shines with health and love.


As I watched the car drive away I saw Sundae struggle to get back to me and the tears fell hard onto the ground. This is what we do as foster parents – love and love and love and then do the hardest thing ever: let them go.

My mind understands, but my heart still breaks, sometimes along the edges and sometimes straight through the middle.

Sundae is one of those straight through the middle fractures.

I take a slow deep breath and let her go to a loving home. I let her go, so I can help the next one, so I can do what so few can do: love, heal and let go.


I wish for Sundae to forget me and instead only have eyes for her forever mom. I wish Sundae nothing but happiness and health, but my heart still aches now that she’s gone.

She will be forever loved by her new mama and I will forever love them both. I am so grateful for my big heart as it breaks so often.

Happy Tails my sweet ray of joy and sunshine. All my love to you and your new family.


your forever foster mama….

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