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Maggie Adopted!!

Doing the impossible — finding a loving forever home for a sixteen year old maltese with no teeth and a wobbly gait.

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These adoptions give us such hope for mankind. After seeing so many horrific things done to animals we consider finding a loving forever home for a senior a point for the good guys!

Maggie is one such dog and we give a big thank you to her forever family for finding room in their heart for a lovely little girl with a lot of life left to give.

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What did BCFS do for Maggie? 

The first thing we did was pop Maggie over to our favorite vet Aunt Rachel to see what the scoop was on this sweet senior.

Aunt Rachel was remarkably surprised how spry Maggie was for an older lady and we all agreed that if her senior blood panel came back relatively normal we would go ahead with the dental to make what ever time Maggie had left more comfortable.

Many dogs die of an infection from tooth abscesses and this may have been Maggie’s fate, but the blood work came back and we happily booked Maggie for her dental!

Aunt Rachel was able to remove the four remaining teeth and we started Maggie on antibiotics and painkillers while she recovered. Of course, the moment she was back with her foster mom she began complaining about being hungry and slurped up her dinner with gusto.

Our next mission was to help Maggie with her gait. Who better to help than our friends at Stride Fourth Chiropractic!

maggie at chirop

Maggie was now walking tall, eating good food and no longer battling a variety of antibiotics, so her foster mom deemed her ready for adoption!

Maggie gets Adopted! 

On Labour Day weekend 2015 Maggie toddled off to her forever home.

Now we’re off on another mission to help our next senior Mr. Hollingswood find his forever home…

See his story here! 

hollingswood chihuahua adoption


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