Maggie: A Senior Four Pound Maltese – Adopted Sept 2015

This sweet pea was surrendered by her people family due to a broken home and I can’t imagine anything more broken than abandoning a 15 year old dog.

Her face was full of dirt to the point that below her eyes were infected. Her ears full of dirt and her coat dull and matted. Her frame was skeletal and underweight at a mere four pounds.


She was left at the shelter where staff had no choice, but to place her in a small steel kennel while they decided her fate. It was lucky she was deaf and didn’t hear the howls of fear from her cell-mates.

Less than an hour after being placed in the kennel the wee stinky dog was taken outside by a volunteer. Rather than for a walk she was whisked into a waiting car and driven off to a new adventure.

Amy and Maggie intake

Some would say fifteen is too old for a life change, but this girl wasn’t really given a choice and rather than play dead, she rose to the challenge.

It took Maggie 24 hours to get comfortable in her foster home. Sleeping late and absorbing all the fresh love of her foster family.

1maggie foster home July 26resized

Foster Mom Jenn Sends this message: 

Maggie loves to be with people and shows no interest in cats or dogs. She loves to sleep and would prefer to sleep in bed with her family.

She is interested in her surroundings and confident enough to explore and deaf enough to not listen, unless you clap and then she’ll come and find you.

Maggie enjoys short walks but one walk in the morning tires her out for the remainder of the day. She walks like a little old lady who has had too much wine…her back legs are a little wobbly.

She doesn’t beg for food but she barks for food to let you know she is hungry if you haven’t been quick enough to feed her. Can only eat wet food made even moister with more water.

1cuteby thetree

Does well in the car but wants to sit on a lap…even if there is only a driver!

I’m not certain if she is housebroken. ..she had peed several times on the pee pad…but also on the floor. She start circling and sniffing when she has to go so if you watch for her cues she will do her business outside.

Very low maintenance and a very sweet old gal who easily captures your heart.

She needs some medical care and some TLC, but this old lady is bright and chipper looking for a special place to call home again.

Why Save a Senior? 

We can’t guess how much time she has left, but at BCFS we believe every dog deserves love — for a few days, a few months or a few years.

Our video story Nobody’s Dog is the answer to why we’d take in an old sick dog. Please take a moment to enjoy and grab a box of kleenex while you begin to understand why we didn’t want to let Maggie die alone in a shelter.

Nobody’s Dog – The Video Story

Maggie has four teeth left and is battling an infection below her eye. We will be doing some blood work to determine if she’s healthy enough to remove her infected teeth. BCFS will be ensuring Maggie is as healthy as possible before putting her up for adoption.

Maggie has a particular fondness for ladies similar to herself with lots of life experience and the same hair colour.

If you’ve got a heart big enough, please contact our adoptions coordinator to discuss giving Maggie a place to sleep her days away.

1maggie post face

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