lucky lebanon dog adopted

Lucky Found His Charm in Canada, A Lebanon Dog Happy Tail

A poodle terrier mix. He’s around 1and ½ years old. Simply calm and sweet. For Lucky it’s the usual story for a stray dog, a family who gets a small dog and then decides to dump him for lack of time or whatever. – Mona Khoury, BETA Lebanon

Mona promised Lucky that his luck would change with his immigration to Canada, and she was not wrong! The day after he arrived in our country, he met a family willing to take him home to foster care. It was not long before his sweet nature and friendly disposition charmed that foster family into giving him a furever home.  Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary is pleased to announce the news – we are no longer taking adoption applications for lucky Mr. Lucky!

Lucky from Lebanon

We were amazed at how well behaved and friendly all the rescued dogs from Lebanon are – even with jetlag and a completely foreign country to manage, each of them have been a delight to foster, and have adapted to their new life here surprisingly quickly. – Amy Bremner, Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary Co-Founder

lucky lebanon dogLucky’s foster-now-furever mom reported on his first 24 hours in his new home. “He is a bit of a couch potato” was her first comment, testament to how comfy her couch is! “He lets me wipe his paws when we come back from a walk, sleeps with his nose on my knee, and he snores!” Apparently Lucky has had some trepidation about men in uniforms on the street – he shied away completely from a construction road crew working down the street from his new home. We can only imagine what scary thing it reminded him of back in his homeland, where he was found on the street as a stray.  He is cautious upon first meeting men, but gets comfortable after a few comfortable meetings.

lucky lebanon dogLucky’s new mom realizes that he has a whole new world to explore here in Canada, and she is in no rush, letting him set the pace for being introduced to so many new things. Just today, his “gotcha” day, he discovered how to play with a ball!

With many thanks to our supportive and dedicated crew of volunteers and foster families, we could not give new homes to our dogs in need without amazing, patient, caring, loving people like you!

lucky lebanon dog

Lucky’s foster care program includes Nature’s Logic food donation, a great way to start him on a healthy and happy new life.  Our thanks to Cynthia Rutledge – Pet Nutrition Advisor and Trainer and her team at Nature’s Logic.

lucky lebanon dog

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