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Lori’s Gram

It’s been a heavy hearted time here at BCFS and it’s not just animal losses that we suffer.

Our good friend and lead writer for our website Lori has lost her beloved Gram this week as well.

grambestpiccroppedLori’s Gram Doris Nolte, smiling to age 96

Lori adopted Bailey, a senior shih tzu, in January 2015 and quickly became a wonderful addition to the BCFS team.

shih tzu adoptable dog BaileyBailey, adopted from BCFS in January 2015 by Lori and her family

Bailey inspires Lori to volunteer for BCFS and use her writing skills to help other dogs and all animals find loving forever homes.


Lori’s Gram loved animals and helped instill that same love in her, along with Lori’s parents. A wonderful thing to pass down to children and grandchildren, love and compassion for animals.

In addition to her volunteer writing for BCFS, Lori co-admins the Facebook page Friends of Lucy, advocating for the lonely elephant Lucy at the Edmonton Valley Zoo to be transferred to a US elephant sanctuary.

Lori’s colleagues in Edmonton whom she collaborates with, the group Lucy’s Edmonton Advocate’s Project (LEAP), honoured Lori’s Gram with a donation to BCFS after her Gram passed away.

LEAP with webresizedcropped

Her friends know how much Lori loves BCFS’ work to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome unwanted animals, and wanted to do something to both honour her Gram and help the animals BCFS saves.

Through animals, to people and back to animals we unite to provide support to friends of Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary.

Thank you LEAP for your donation to BCFS in memory of Lori’s Gram. We hope someday Lucy will be freed to a sanctuary.


Thank you from all of us at BCFS.


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