Longtime BCFS Foster Yorkie Poo Verena Adopted!!

Timid yorkie poo Verena, whom we rescued after she spent 8 long years in a puppy mill cage, exemplifies the “three R’s” of what we do at BCFS: RescueRehabilitateRehome. No matter how long it takes.

We’re overjoyed to announce that after 232 days or about 7-1/2 months in our foster care program, Verena has found her forever home!

verenaadoptedimg_0675Verena in her dad’s arms, with her mom and new sibling Rupert

Verena’s family adopted her on September 9th and her mom just sent us this marvelous update and three new photos of Verena with her adopted sibling Rupert:

When she first arrived she was hiding at the opposite end of the room to where the couch is.  I put a bed there so she could be comfortable.  The next day I moved the bed closer to us and a half an hour before bed, she went to go to her bed and then looked at Rupert’s bed beside me and decided that was the bed she wanted to lay in!  Since then she has fully taken over his bed. She loves to cuddle and if I stop petting her she looks up at me as to say, “hey, why did you stop?”
 Verena has really bonded with Rupert and follows him around.  If someone comes to the door that Rupert knows she goes right up to them and gives them a good sniff.  She’s still a bit skittish but she lets them pet her.  She doesn’t like the stairs to go to the upper level so I carry her up and down. She is a good little eater and meat and cheese are her favourite treats and takes them right from our hands.
At night I don’t hear a peep from her until about 6:30 when she makes a little growl to go outside to do her morning business. All in all she is still timid but has made leaps and bounds since arriving.

We’re so happy for Verena to have found the perfect family to love her like she deserves to be loved! Puppy mill dogs usually do best in a home with another dog to bond with, and Verena and Rupert are adorable together!

When Verena came to BCFS she’d never known anything other than a wire cage and being continuously bred to supply puppies to pet stores. She was rescued from a puppy mill last December and arrived at BCFS on January 21st, 2016.


Verena has made a remarkable transformation during her months in BCFS’ foster care program, becoming socialized and learning how to be the dog she was meant to be.

Eight years of neglect in a puppy mill had taken a toll on this sweet girl and her intake photo on the left reveals the extent of her physical neglect and how Verena looked after her initial grooming:


Verena was shockingly unkempt and matted as many puppy mill dogs are. This shy girl was groomed and bathed, had a fresh dental and teeth cleaning, was brought up to date on her shots, and spayed.

Under all that matted hair emerged a petite girl with big ears and sweet brown eyes that held a look of vulnerability but also hope when she took her first steps into freedom at BCFS.

verena2 (1)

But the toll that Verena’s eight long years in a puppy mill had taken went deeper than her physical appearance. Verena had emotional wounds and a lack of socialization and familiarity with the outside world that needed months of dedicated care to heal and overcome.


Verena was initially very skittish and shy, but within weeks she was taking treats from her foster mom’s hand and sharing a bed with her foster sister, pug Sally.

verenasallyFoster sister Sally (left) helped Verena heal and learn how to be a dog

Puppy mill dogs are often more comfortable with other dogs than people, and the companionship of another dog or two not only helps them adjust but learn how to function normally and most of all, to trust people.

Verena gradually learned to trust, be picked up and petted, groomed, walk on a leash, ride in a car, meet new people and dogs, get used to cars passing by and noises, and everything a dog needs to know to live life. Verena became loving and wanted to be petted a lot.

Verena’s whole world has opened up for her thanks to long-term foster care and her brave steps into her new life with her forever family.


BCFS is immensely grateful to our foster family volunteers Raye and Paul for their many months of superb care and rehabilitation for Verena so she could enjoy life with her forever family. Fostering saves lives and we couldn’t do what we do without our dedicated foster families.

Verena slowly blossomed in foster care and we think she’ll come to love her new family and be a joy to them for many years to come.

Adopting a rescue dog is a noble act; her new family is not only helping to save Verena’s life but the life of the next dog who will now find a place in BCFS’ foster care program.

Our foster families are lifesavers. If you’d like to foster short-term or long-term please download and complete a volunteer application.  We’re currently seeking fosters for mother and daughter jack/shih tzu mixes Allura and Delena.

Thank you and congratulations to Verena’s adoptive family from all of us at BCFS!

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  1. As an adopter of several rescued puppy mill dogs, I know how long a process it can be and the immense amount of patience and rejection it can take! She is such a lovely little dog and it looks like she finally got the life she deserved. Very happy after reading about her.

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