Long Beach Poco

Poco is our quiet, but incredibly beautiful male lhasa shih tzu cross. He’s one of those sad sorry cases of abuse and he has many issues. He’s not great with people or other dogs. We always thought he was happiest curled up in his orange heated dog bed, but it turns out Poco comes alive for two things: a mini-sized tennis ball and the waves on the beach.

If you should throw the miniature tennis ball into the lake you might as well make Poco the newest Prince of Long Beach and happiest puppy in the world.

The normally watchful and sedate Poco comes alive when he hits the water. Regardless of the ambient temperature he will dive in with careless abandon and snap up the white foam as it hits the shore. Sometimes he ends up with a snootful of water or sand, but he sneezes it off and snarls as he dives back into the water.

I can’t help but laugh out loud at his determination. He seems to have endless energy as he races up and down the beach trying to catch the wave.

Poco has done this in the ocean too and the salt water is only a slight deterrent. He simply sneezes extra hard.

We often over look our quiet boy that doesn’t like to be touched by strangers, but he’s a hidden treasure. I’m hoping to remember the video camera and offer a little glimpse of our gentleman puppy.

There’s only a few more days left to enjoy the beach and I’m so grateful to have the puppies to share my morning and sunset walks along the beach. It’s a lovely romance and it’s nice to spend time with a guy who really gets me. Thanks Poco! (no offense Brent).

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