Life with Rescue Animals

About 90% of animals that join BCFS are healthy and well adjusted enough to be adopted out and the 10% left behind to become sanctuary animals are usually pretty quirky.

Zig the Dog

Take Zig for instance. He’s a little dog with a lion’s heart. He has an extensive bite history and we tried to adopt him out, but he couldn’t overcome his behavioural issue. He lives at the barn and keeps everyone safe. He’s small for a guard dog, but he’s very effective.

zig aug 16

Cute Fact about Zig: He loves to go face to face with people. Not a good idea with a dog with a bite history, but we can’t seem to explain it to him.


Heidi the Mini Horse 

Heidi is a mini horse who had to go to Milton Equine Hospital to have teeth removed. Its pretty tough to take out horse’s teeth, so she had to go see a dental specialist and a surgeon. She’s on a special diet of slurry hay supplements. She’s in her early 20’s and she’ll stay on here with us until her end of days.


Fun Fact about Heidi: It takes her about half an hour to eat her meals  with her few teeth and she usually has so stop part way through and have a pee.


Aggie the Cat

Aggie is an older cat who was so fearful when he came to BCFS he spent all his time hiding in a box. He refused to come out until a volunteer did reiki with him and now he runs the barn. He’s chill with new dogs and is a champion mouser. We adore our barn cat Aggie!


Interesting fact about Aggie: He loves kids. He actually loves all people and actively seeks attention, but he gets down right excited when kids come in.

Larney the Horse

Larney is a big horse we recently took in with extensive injuries to his hind leg. He’s absolutely beautiful, but its his personality that really shines. He loves people. He’s actually a horse person with more personality than many people. He’s even articulate with his affection nibbling boots and giving cheek kisses.


Fact about Larney: He loves to pull off his blanket. He’ll grab it by the front and pull it until its half off and half on. Apparently he’s warm enough. He’ll also help take your boots off if needed.


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