Life Through Walter’s Eyes – Part 2

Part Two of our 2-part post for a very special BCFS rescue, Walter, from his week-long visit with volunteer writer Lori. To read Part One please click here.

Walter gained more confidence every day. His bed was in our parlor next to my computer desk, a good place for him. Since he’s vision impaired, when he suddenly waked seeming a bit confused and looking around through his dim eyes, I put my hand down in front of his nose to let him sniff and he relaxed knowing I was there.


If I wasn’t next to him he’d simply mosey around the house looking or waiting for me, or seeing what my family was doing. What a gem.

There is no way to look at Walter sleeping with his tongue sticking out without smiling.


Sometimes Walter seemed to be dreaming — click here for video. Knowing what a foodie Walter is, maybe he dreams about food! Walter has a good appetite and gobbles his two daily meals.


Walter has come a long way since his intake at BCFS about 5 weeks ago, where he was brought from the shelter he was surrendered to.

walter intake close up

Walter’s ear and skin infections are cleared up. His daily eye drops are helping improve his eye health and vision. I hope Walter regains more of his sight; as well as he does nearly blind he’d have a better quality of life with more vision. With improved health and grooming, Walter is now a beautiful dog.


During Walter’s visit with us my focus was on loving him, helping him on his road to recovery and living the life he deserves. When I was busy doing something and looked down to see Walter right next to me, quietly waiting, I think after the long-term neglect he suffered that what he wants and needs most is to feel wanted. It must be the worst thing in the world to feel unwanted.


Walter deserves a good life, with a forever adopter who will recognize and appreciate how very special he is, give him lots of tender one-on-one care, laugh and play with him when he’s in a playful mood, give him tushie-rubs and the eye drops he needs, good food, a daily stroll, soft bed and an interesting life that will help Walter enjoy it to the fullest. Someone who will adore Walter and let him know that he’s wanted.


When the day came to return Walter to BCFS, his big bed was bagged up and set on a stool in the kitchen. Walter sniffed around where his bed had been in the parlor, then sniffed it in the kitchen and his face fell. He knew. He knew this wasn’t forever and my heart broke open for him. He had a palpable sadness, knowing he was leaving. These are my last photos of Walter after he realized it:



DSCN3232cropexpsharpresizedWalter was sad to leave and didn’t understand why this wasn’t forever. I can only imagine what Walter felt and what he’s experienced in life.

Walter has a way of endearing himself to everyone. Just before my mom and I left to return Walter to BCFS, my dad got a bit choked up saying goodbye to Walter and petting him. See short video.

In the car, laying on his soft bed, Walter had that look of knowing, combined with a look of worriment of where he was headed. Luckily he was headed back to BCFS. My eyes welled up watching him in the back seat as we drove through the beautiful countryside. It doesn’t take long to fall in love with Walter.


I think of the forever home he’ll have, starting over again and learning his way around, sniffing and bumping into furniture until he learns his new home, having someone he trusts and depends on to be kind, careful and loving with him.  Walter took a piece of my heart with him. I hope he finds a forever family who will care for him until his last breath.


I’m grateful to Walter for allowing me into his dark, quiet world and trusting me though he really couldn’t see or hear me. I think he read my heart instead. And I read his. Walter has a beautiful heart.

Walter is looking for his place in the sun ~ is that place with you? If Walter is the love you’ve been looking for, please download and complete an adoption application and email it to our Adoptions Coordinator Silvana at: BCFS is also seeking a caring foster home for Walter; potential fosters please download and complete a volunteer application and email it to Amy at:

Walter has required veterinary care to improve his health and donations towards his treatment are appreciated.  BCFS is a 100% volunteer registered charity fully dependent on donations and grateful for your contributions for the animals.

3 thoughts on “Life Through Walter’s Eyes – Part 2”

  1. He looks so much better! Thanks to all who helped bring him this far. He will find his next guardian.

  2. Thank god for people like you. What a gut wrenching story about such a sweet soul. I will never understand how anyone could bring such pain and agony to an animal. If I could, I would take this little man in a heartbeat.

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