Lenny aka Valentine aka Red and White Adopted – Again

Lenny aka Valentine aka Red and White is adopted again, and this time we have high hopes and the best possible vibes that this will in fact be his furever home.

After a short stint with a seemingly doting family Lenny was returned to BCFS due to behavioural issues. He started becoming aggressive towards strangers who would visit the family.

Happy Tails Are Hard Work

Lenny 5

We sent Lenny off to bootcamp with one of our most experienced and loving foster homes and within a few days Lenny was back to being a sweet dog — most of the time.

He’d still try the old routine now and then, but with time, patience and kindness he found the happy dog within.


We were grateful to find a forever home with a sweet, but shy female maltipoo and lovely couple who would dote on both dogs.

And so… Big Bang Theory is proud to announce Lenny’s new sister is Penny. Yep. Penny and Lenny aka Leonard.


Happy Tails to this wonderful family and their happy dogs!

Update from mom:

From day one we were able to pick him up and cuddle and Penny did not stop bugging him until he got out of his crate and played. She even gave him her toy monkey to try to persuade him ha ha! 
We have had no trouble at all with nipping or excessive barking. In fact Penny barks more than him and she hardly barks to begin with. They are two peas in a pod and are already doing everything together and always cuddling. Penny couldn’t be happier with the addition! 

Lenny is very happy and we couldn’t be happier for him! 

3 thoughts on “Lenny aka Valentine aka Red and White Adopted – Again”

  1. Your lenny is adorable I would like to adopt him if he is still available I love dogs I would give him a loving home hope to hear from you soon. If that one not available. I am looking for a small dog. I live near St catheranes. Let me know.

    1. Lenny has been adopted. We have other dogs available for adoption that are small. Please fill out and submit and application so we can match you with the right dog.

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