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Lebanon Lab Fletcher Ready to Share His Zest for Life – ADOPTED! Nov 2014

A black mixed Lab. 10 months old. He was shot in the leg. – Mona Khoury, BETA Lebanon

With this simple statement, Fletcher was introduced to Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary as one of six possible rescued dogs that would make the trip from Beirut Lebanon to Stevensville Canada. Mona also shared Fletcher’s two rescue photos – we warn you they are not for the faint of heart.

Fletcher was found in Bsalim, Lebanon by the rescuers of Beirut for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (BETA)fletcher was found in bsalim

He was found as a stray, curled up and on his own, licking what turned out to be a savage gunshot wound in his back leg. The rescuers of BETA took him home, gave him shelter, and started to work on giving him back his health.

fletcher shot in the leg found as a stray

Because he was a young dog, and they found him early enough, his prognosis was good. They would not have to amputate. The vet medical team attached pins in his bones to help the leg heal well.  Well enough, as it turns out, to give him full mobility.

fletcher recieved medical help

Boy oh boy what this boy is doing with his “mobility!”  You would never know to meet this bouncy Lab mix that he was hobbling at one time in his short-so-far life. He’ll jump four feet off the ground just to say a proper “hello” to any stranger.

fletcher greetings

Fletcher is as sweet as they come, and must have been well cared for by the BETA volunteers – though he may be shy upon first meeting, he quickly gets over it.

His one challenge at the moment is pulling on leash – he wants to go go go! And he is a strong lad. His furever home will want to have some training techniques to continue to teach him how to curb and channel that enthusiasm into good solid leash manners.

fletcher takes to the field

fletcher lebanon lab

fletcher lebanon lab

Otherwise, he is a happy go lucky guy. He defers to other alpha-dog personalities, and does shy and cower at particularly loud noises, though comes back from it quickly with firm reassurances. He has been fine left in the house alone or outside for short periods so far.

Fletcher is very attentive to training; he is no longer jumping up on people, he obeys the commands to heel, sit, stay, and is eager to learn more. He found balls – he loves balls, and what retriever does not we ask?! He loves them so much he hoarding them, and is making great strides in realizing that life in Canada can be fun, fun, fun.

Now that he has been in a foster home environment for close to two weeks, he wants to cuddle up like a lap dog! Since he is not allowed up on the bed to do it, he reverted to typical puppy behaviour – making a fuss by pulling shoes out of the closet and undertaking a short campaign of attention getting behaviours to get that loving now! Course he doesn’t get away with it, but his foster parents are thrilled that he has become comfortable enough to be acting like a regular young pup!

Fletcher may do best in a home with another dog so that his youthful and Lab-like energies have a positive outlet.

Watch Fletcher’s debut video here!

Fletcher’s 411

  • Male, Neutered, UTD Vaccines
  • Age: 1.5 years
  • Breed: Mixed Breed, Labrador Retriever
  • Color & Coat: Black with bright amber eyes
  • Weight: 30 kilos
  • Size:  Medium-Large
  • Temperament: very playful; shy but smart, ready to learn; wants to please his people
  • Housebroken: Yes
  • Good on Leash: Now walking great and no longer pulling with consistent training
  • Good with other dogs: Fine with females; not yet fully assessed with males but seems to be indifferent
  • Good with Kids:  No opportunity to assess yet
  • Good with Cats: Not yet fully assessed; seemed indifferent to cats at the vet
  • Good in Car: Not crazy about it, but ok
  • Crate Trained: Does not like to be in one; foster family has not pushed the matter as a priority.

fletcher amber eyes

Adopt a Lebanon Lab with Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary

Fletcher is now ready to meet and greet his fans! If you would like to consider adopting this active young fella, please do fill in an adoption application right here on our website.

Online Adoption Application right here!


With many thanks to our sponsors Nature’s Logic, providing Fletcher with top notch nutrition as he awaits his furever home! Visit them on Facebook too!

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