Lacey 9 year old female shih tzu – Adopted

Sweet Lacey was napping in her bed when we went to meet her. There had already been so much change in her life and here we were to make even more.

Lacey was an owner surrender by a family unable to care for this sweet girl. There was nothing wrong with her… or so we thought.


Once in her foster home Lacey refused to eat and had diarrhea. We took her to our vet and did some tests to find out she has C. Diff – an infection in her intestines. Three weeks of antibiotics should do the trick! She’ll be retested prior to adoption.

DB77A827-9981-4ABC-B408-E8FA5C5B874ELacey was so sad and so sick initially that she would just lay in a corner with the most forlorn look on her sweet face.


After medications were started and a week went by Lacey started to feel better and began to play and look happy.

She is housebroken and even figured out the dog door in the first few days. She loves car rides and is good with cats and other dogs.

She’s smart, sweet, a cuddle button and a lover.


She’d love a home where her family was with her most of the time as she’s lived with a retired couple for her entire life. She’s calm, relaxed and excellent on leash. She’s a perfect little shih tzu.


We have an adoption pending for Lacy!

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