mama and kittens

Kittens Adopted



Mama Cat with her 6 babies joined BCFS foster program April 2018.  Although Mama Cat was slated to be euthanized, BCFS took her in and had our Dunnville vet assess her and her six wee kittens.  Sadly three of the kittens quickly deteriorated and passed quietly in their sleep.  Mama deteriorated as well and became aggressive. She no longer cared for the kittens and was uncomfortable…. suffering.  The board, foster family and our veterinary discussed the possibilities and it decided with heavy hearts to have Mama euthanized.  The vets at Dunnville put their heads together and decided that it was likely a spinal cord injury from trauma.


The 3 remaining kittens thrived in their foster home and were quickly adopted.


The brother and sister team of Ginger & Ale were adopted together and BCFS congratulates and thanks Denielle and Liam for giving these wee kittens a wonderful forever home.


The remaining male kitten Marlo has already bonded with his new mom Kailee and we are very thankful to Kailee for giving him a wonderful forever home.


BCFS would like to extend their appreciation to foster mom Mary for taking care of these kittens.   We are very grateful to our foster homes for the care they give BCFS’ animals.  Without our foster homes, we would not be able to continue our quest to save the world one animal at a time.








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