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Splash, our blind pony is having trouble with inflammation, glaucoma and infection in both of her eyes and our vet Matt has strongly suggested we have surgery to remove both of Splash’s eyes. Since she is completely blind her eye orbs serve no positive purpose and only cause her pain. Our hearts are heavy to think she has suffered with this problem for years without treatment. Neglect and abuse leads to so many physical problems in animals. We are doing our best, with assistance from friends of the farm, to help animals who have been neglected or abused.

Figuring out her new world.
Figuring out her new world.

We are currently trying to find a local vet who is willing and able to do the bilateral enucleation at the farm using sedation and nerve block standing method, however we have been unsuccessful at locating an appropriate vet for the job. We will call the specialty veterinary hospital in Milton on Monday, Aug 1, 2013 to find out an appointment time and date. We will most likely book the surgery tomorrow.

In Milton they will put Splash completely under anesthetic to preform the surgery and we hope she has a full and comfortable recovery. I’m very nervous about sending my little blind pony away and having her traumatized by the surgery. We have discussed alternatives and since we can’t find a vet willing to come to us, we must go to them. Once completed and healed Splash should be much more comfortable.

We have raised about half the funds needed for the surgery and can’t thank our friends enough for their donations and kindness. Without your support we would have had to make an incredibly difficult decision on Splash’s behalf to not prolong a life of pain, but we refuse to give up on our little pony.

We will continue fundraising in hopes of covering more of the costs. If you are able to make a small donation we would greatly appreciate it!

If you are willing to make a donation you can:

  1. Send a donation to my email using online banking (if you’re Canadian).  If you donate using online banking, your financial institution will ask you to provide a security question and answer. Please use security question: Who is this for? Answer: Splash.
  2. Use the PayPal donation button below.

Thank you again and we will keep you all posted (including pictures) of Splash’s progress. We look forward to the day when she can pull a small hay wagon and take the kids for a ride.

Saving the world one pony at a time.
Saving the world one pony at a time.

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