Kevin the bunny: Update – Adopted

From no cuddles to lots of cuddles!

This precious boy has gobbled up affection as an interesting and fun bunny. He’s very curious and mostly fearless when it comes to adventures and other animals.


He’s been neutered, but does require special care. Ever filed a bunny’s tooth? Learn how! Kevin needs his front tooth filed daily as it grows too quickly. Kevin doesn’t mind if you don’t and if done daily he doesn’t need monthly trips to the vet.


Kevin is a very handsome and gregarious bunny who would thrive in an active home.


Do you have room for a teeny tiny bunny? We’re working on litter training, so he could hop around the house!


2 thoughts on “Kevin the bunny: Update – Adopted”

  1. Kevin ….your soooooooo cute! Your for ever bunny home is just waiting for u! I am sure that you are sooooo well taken care of at the BCFS that you don’t want to leave! Can’t blame you! Best of luck! Know you are going to be safe and happy where ever you go because of BCFS!!

  2. Good afternoon!
    We adopted “Squash” aka Charlie from you in December of last year.
    I have been following Kevin’s story since you took him in. We lost a bunny last month due to a complications after his neuter surgery. (He actually died of bloat the evening we brought him home)
    We’ve had some time to heal, and I can’t get Kevin off my mind.
    Please let me know how I can go about adopting again.

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