Kevin has been Adopted!


Kevin a 1 year old Netherland Dwarf rabbit was transferred to BCFS’s foster home program in March 2018.  He wasn’t socialized well and did not like to be held.   Foster mom worked with Kevin to help him get used to being held and he eventually gobbled up affection as an interesting and fun bunny. He’s very curious and mostly fearless when it came to adventures and other animals.


We are extremely happy to announce that Kevin has been adopted into a very bunny savvy home.  Dani & Blake and their 4 children will certainly keep Kevin active and happy.  Kevin will also have plenty of bunny friends with the family’s 3 other bunnies, Baby a female lion head, Penelope a female Holland Lop and Charlie (previously known as Squash) a Flemish Cross who was adopted from BCFS last year.


We were lucky enough to already receive a wonderful update on Kevin.  New mom reports:

“On the ride home, I put Kevin in with Charlie, and they hit it off right away.  The idea behind stress bonding is to put them in a stressful situation (car ride) while closely monitoring them. The hope is, they lean on each other for support and comfort. Well, it worked!


When we got home, we slowly introduced the others, and there was only one scuffle I had to break up, between Kevin and Baby. Baby is the boss, she just needed Kevin to understand that. I think he got it LOL.


This morning he has been hanging out in his litter box, snacking on hay, and all the other bunnies have taken turns visiting him, snuggling him, sharing his treats and even grooming him!

He’s still a little scared and unsure obviously, but it’s like he was meant to be with us. It’s just all been so easy!


His favorite spot to rest last night and this morning is on my shoulder, and I’ve even been getting the occasional kiss. I’m smitten.”

Thank you from all of us at BCFS for giving this sweet boy a happy home where he can continue to flourish.

And BCFS would like to send a very special thank you to foster mom Tonia for taking such good care of Kevin.



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