Kernel, 8 week old kitten

Kernel the kitten was found by Leisa, from The Ass Menagerie Sanctuary, and her volunteer Victoria while they were picking corn for , “The Ass Menagerie Sanctuary” residents . He had an obvious eye infection and looked poorly in general.


Kernel wasn’t sure about the whole rescue idea and it took quite some time, because for  a sickly looking critter he could move !

Once home his eye infection was treated, he was dewormed and rehydrated. Attempts at socialization were met with little hisses that quickly turned to snuggling and very loud purring !


He was then taken to the vet where he obtained a clean bill of health including testing negative for feline leukaemia and feline immunodeficiency virus . He had his advantage treatment and his first vaccinations . The vet confirmed he is 8 wks of age.


Kernel is now out of isolation and is making his presence known ! He is vocal and a bit confused about this new life, but settles quickly with reassurance into a tiny purring machine !


TAMS is forever grateful to BCFS for uniting with us in the spirit of helping as many animals as they can ! Since TAMS does not rescue and adopt out , we appreciate their willingness to step in and provide adoption proceedings when these circumstances occur !

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