Kernel (Gus) Update

Kernel (renamed Gus) was a wee stray kitten lost in a cornfield who was rescued by our friends at The Ass Menagerie Sanctuary (TAMS).  This adorable kitten was quickly adopted by Tonia and her daughter Jessa.

IMG_2719 (2)

First order of business was to introduce Gus to Tonia’s female cat Freya.  Gus, although small, has a large presence and thinks he is the king of the castle.  They are both still figuring out who is the boss.  Gus still has a lot of energy to burn and Freya is just unsure of him but we are confident, in time, they will be great friends.


Gus is a feisty little guy, playful and bounces around all over the place, climbing on everything!

55943510621__FF432C5F-992F-4ECE-962C-DEDCF6D45305 (2)

He is a typical kitten who loves to play.


Especially with the laser pointer.

For Video, click here

Don’t let his size fool you.  He can also be very destructive.

IMG_2782 (2)

Tonia & her daughter Jessa love the Halloween season and always put up a Halloween tree.  Gus assumed the tree was there for his enjoyment and as you can see did a good job of destroying it.  LOL

IMG_2890 (2)

Kittens can be a handful and even though Gus is going through a very destructive phase right now, mom Tonia loves him to bits.

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