Keller: Old, Blind and Unwanted – Adopted

Keller has been in foster care for 8 months with not a single family interested. He’s nearly ten years old, not the best looking guy and has just recovered from a bout of pancreatitis. He still marks in the house and growls a bit at meal times or when he’s in his crate.


Lets talk about the good things! He is a great cuddler  He’s probably one of the happiest dogs I’ve met and he loves other people. Gets along great with cats and other dogs. He loves his crate and spend a good quantity of time in his den.

He’s small and very low maintenance and he’s a very easy keeper. A short walk and he’ll nap for hours.


How do I deal with the marking? When Keller isn’t outside or in his crate he wears a belly band in the house. I buy pads and change the pads daily. Keller will come with his belly bands. He doesn’t mind wearing them and makes no effort to pull them off.


Keller has a very sweet personality and is a great couch potato. Finally, Keller has absolutely not a single tooth left in his head. You don’t have to worry about dental surgery or mouth infections. He has no trouble eating anything and has a healthy appetite!


Are you looking for a truly unwanted dog? Then meet Keller. He deserves a forever home… can it be yours?



6 thoughts on “Keller: Old, Blind and Unwanted – Adopted”

  1. Kellar…………..you are so very sweet! One day you will find the for ever home that you deserve! But for now you are in the best place that dog can be BCFS! Praying that someone else can see past your health issues and look at that beautiful scruffy face to see all the love, fun and hugs you have to give! Best wishes to you Keller and BCFS to find that home!

  2. Kellar is so incredibly sweet. The very best pup I ever had was Buddy, and like Kellar was blind. My heart goes out to Kellar and I so wish we could take him home to Toronto. Our house is currently full with a 2 year old Aussie Shepherd and a 6 year old cat. I also do not feel the 3 hour plus plane ride and all the travel trauma would be be extremely unfair to Kellar. I have passed this link about Kellar to my Colorado peeps. God speed to all helping to secure a forever home for him ♥️

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