Keller & Cricket Update

Keller and Cricket have a lot in common: they are both Chihuahuas, they both spent approximately 10 months in foster care, and they both were adopted by the same wonderful woman!



We are fortunate to have received some insight into the new lives of these two pups.


According to their new mom, Keller (pictured above) is very busy, loves to be under the covers, and has proven to be a real bed hog. He is even refusing to sleep in his crate when he knows he can instead be under the covers. Can you blame him?


Cricket (pictured above) is a cuddle bug. It took a few days, but he warmed up well to the family and now loves belly rubs. He has even been described as the “perfect little dog” and exactly what his new mom was looking for.

It took a little patience, but we are so happy that Keller and Cricket are now living the lives they deserve with their forever family.


4 thoughts on “Keller & Cricket Update”

  1. So thrilled to know that these sweet pups finally found their wonderful forever homes where they are loved and nurtured! <3 . Thank you for rescuing them!

  2. Oh this makes me so happy!!!! An answer to prayers! Thank you new mom!!! Blessings to you all!!! May you have so much fun and health and love!!!!

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