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July 13, 2015 Fort Erie Town Council — We need you!

Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary will be making a presention on Monday, July 13, 2015 at 6pm at Fort Erie Council located at 1 Municipal Dr in Fort Erie. Please come out and support change for animal welfare!

We will be a delegation to the Council-in-Committee meeting in hopes of proving BCFS is a positive addition to the Town of Fort Erie and in helping animals.

We will also be offering alternatives to the current animal bylaws.

It would be amazing if we could fill that room with animal lovers who support positive change to animal bylaws!


Supporting BCFS is an extra bonus. This is our chance to let our voice be heard; this is the voice of all the animals who suffer in silence. This is our chance to stand up and make noise!



Be a voice. Be a body. Come out and support BCFS on July 13 in Fort Erie!! You are welcome to meet at the farm at 5pm and head into town together or meet us there.

Amy has ten minutes to speak and hopefully change the world. It would be an incredible feeling for her to look around and see a sea of supporters. Please, come out and support animal rescue. It will be one hour of your life that could make a huge difference to the lives of animals.

Helping Animals!


10 thoughts on “July 13, 2015 Fort Erie Town Council — We need you!”

  1. Hello: I’m afraid we can’t be there in person but we are with you in spirit and looking forward to the results of your efforts in making positive change for the animals.

    We are also lobbying our city to prohibit the sale of companion animals in pet stores in favour of collaborating with the shelter and rescue groups.

    The very best of luck in presenting your arguments. We hope you get LOTS of public support.

  2. I would love to support you but have an issue. First, let me say that I am involved in a Rescue Group. My issues is, I reached out to you for help and didn’t even get so much as my email responded to. How can I support a group that doesn’t respond to a need?

    1. We do the best we can and I apologize if we didn’t respond to your email. Is there anything we can help you with now?

  3. Ontario needs more not fewer rescue centres for our many animals in need. I hope your town council shows compassion and common sense and readily fixes whatever bylaw issue is threatening your excellent facility. Many across the province will be watching, and hope you have contacted local and national media, including the CBC, to ensure your voice is heard.

  4. Do you know where you are on the agenda? I am taking care of a sanctuary while the other caregiver is away on your council day. Special needs critters have meds between 6-7pm. I will get to Town Hall….just hoping you are not first up. I am in the phone book if there is anything you think I can help with. We have met a few times. I try to do fundraisers for Niagara Action For Animals as often as I can and you have spoken with another NAFA person “Ceil”. THERE CAN NEVER BE ENOUGH HELP FOR CRITTERS. Being territorial about this issue is only something that should be done by a male unspayed feline. Due to the fact that there is help drastically needed with all non-human species we will unfortunately not run out of “Tomcat’s” territorializing assistance any time soon. Humans who cannot provide “help for all” need to appreciate or at least not sabotage those who have shown genuine effort.

    1. Obviously I am out of my mind because your council date was in July and this is now August. I am sorry I missed the meeting. I stand by my comment with regard to “territorial issues”.

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