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Juju Update! Puppy Mill Mama finds Loving home!

When you find the right home for a difficult to place dog a picture often tells the entire story. Juju was one of those terrified puppy mill dogs who never really trusted anyone… until she met her forever family.

juju with al

This is Juju sitting with her daddy Al, who is war veteran and understands patience and time. Yes, dogs can suffer from PTSD and Juju is a prime candidate. A puppy mill mama for many years she watched as her children were taken away from her far too early and sold in a pet store.

Today Juju has found her home and the pictures tell the story of her peace, joy and love.

juju cuddles

Whether its with people or animals Juju is finally connected on many  levels.  Below is Juju with her big sister learning to chill at home.

juju and lab

Until weeks later with much patience and love Juju finds her place in her new soft bed with her loving family. It feels so good to get it right.

juju relaxed

Well done everyone. Well done.

3 thoughts on “Juju Update! Puppy Mill Mama finds Loving home!”

  1. That’s whats sooooooooooooooooo beautiful about BCFS!! You take the time to find the right forever home for these pups who have never known true love! And now do! Keep up the great work everyone! You do it for all of us!

  2. We cannot thank all involved in her rehabilitation enough! Came from the worst of the worst and her condition spoke volumes of were she existed for many a year.

  3. Nice Amy! Juju is definitely growing on us all. She’s still skittish but we can see she really wants to be loved. And we love her.
    Now we all need to get walking for BCFS Rescue!

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