Jesse & Jenner – Adopted!


Jesse and Jenner, a pair of bonded hound mixes, were welcomed into the BCFS foster care program in January 2017. After being found as strays, these boys were transferred to us from a shelter in need of further rehabilitation.

When Jesse and Jenner first joined us they were terrified. They huddled together for comfort and didn’t want to come out of their crate.  We knew they would need a special foster home that would provide a safe space for them to gradually gain confidence.


With love and patience, Jesse and Jenner flourished in foster care. While remaining frightened of the world and leery of people, they learned to take treats, to cuddle, and to make doggie friends. These lovable pups were ready to find their fur-ever home!


We are happy to say that Jesse and Jenner have been adopted together into a dog savvy home, where they will continue to be surrounded with stability, patience, and love. Jesse and Jenner now not only have a wonderful mom and dad of their very own, but a big dog brother too! We extend our congratulations to Mandie, Jason, Soloman, Jesse, and Jenner!


We are fortunate to have already received a pup-date on Jesse and Jenner. In the words of Jesse and Jenner’s new mama:

“We are doing amazing!!  Jesse and Jenner had a great truck ride home!  Jenner snuggled right in to me the entire time (over an hour and a half!) Jesse on the other hand was Mr. Inquisitive!  He either had his head out the window checking out all the cars or was exploring the back seat of the truck! 

Soloman greeted his little brothers as they made their way into their home for the first time!  

Soloman, Jesse and Jenner-01

Our first night was wonderful!  Jesse, Jenner and Soloman all slept in our king sized bed together! Jesse and Jenner have found two safe spots at home; our bed and a sofa!  We can see their anxiety lessen and they stretch out relaxed in those safe spots!  


Their personalities have really started to show. Jesse is our little detective and Jenner’s our little chill sufer dude!  They are eating, walking, enjoying the great outdoors, snuggling and sleeping!! They are starting to play with us and toys and Soloman, and we expect this to take some additional time, for them to feel safe and secure and really to let down their guard.”

We are thrilled to hear that things are going so well for Jesse, Jenner, and their new family! These boys deserve a wonderful life and we are delighted they have found their perfect match.

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