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JB: Little Body, Big Personality

We’ve always said Super Taz was a big dog trapped in a little dog body and we are seeing this in our mini gelding named JB.

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He’s got a lot of punch per pound and delights all with his silly antics out in the field. He was largely left to his own devices as a young colt and has developed some challenging quirks.

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The biggest problem: JB still thinks he’s a stud.

He was gelding at the end of December, but it takes months for those hormones to climb down and it will take extra long as JB wasn’t gelded till he was nearly two years old.

He’s walking well with a halter and will lunge after his initial struggle with the lunge line. He no longer rears when excited while being led and hardly bites people anymore — hardly.

He’s a handful, but boy is his fella flashy!

He’s very strong for his pint size and would be a sparkling cart horse for the right person.

He’s not shy with people and tends to be bossy with horses (not getting along well with other boys), but he loves the girls. A little too much sometimes.

1JB feb 2016 walkingres

He had a failed attempt at mounting our large draft cross mare, leaving the pair very disappointed.

Once we move we’ll be working more on teaching this handsome gelding the ropes of pulling a cart and put him to work clearing our walking trails.

JB is up for adoption and looking for his forever home. If you have horse experience and can handle a frisky young whipper snapper, he might be the gelding for you!



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