Its a Shih Tzu Thing

The tenacity of a shih tzu is often underestimated due to their small size. I have several shih tzus and each has their own personality.

My Poco is a shy reserved fellow who only sounds the alarm at real trouble, otherwise he’s happy to nap in his heated bed under the desk where he often goes unseen. He isn’t that fond of strangers and has a grave dislike for children, but he loves Brent. As an ex-navy seal he has some mad skills that are concealed under his quiet demeanor. It’s hard to believe all this when you watch him chase his tail.

Jackson is the sweet baby who’s a bit of a mama’s boy, but will cuddle on the lap of someone familiar. He sleeps curled next to me every night and does an incredible job of stretching in the morning. If we could all do yoga like Jackson our flexibility would dramatically improve. Jax does have a sassy side when stealing toys from his siblings or guarding his mommy against visiting dogs. He is rough and tumble with his big sister and we’re happy to have big bear fighting the house again.

Super Taz is our first shih poo and we’ve had her since she was a wee pup at seven weeks old. She is all sass. I’m sure she would have spent some time in jail for mischief if she was human. She often becomes single minded in her quest for kibble, toys or big diesel trucks that travel past her house. That’s right. It’s her house.

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