Illness Sweeps the Bunnies

This is a sad and tragic week for BCFS, not only did we lose our silly duck, but three of our rabbits succumb to a deadly upper respiratory infection.


We took them to the vet and started on antibiotics and pain killers. We gave supportive care, gently feeding them with syringes to keep their digestive system working.

We sweated and cried when the vet said there was not more they could do to help our sweet bunnies.


There is a heaviness surrounding the barn, but everyday we carry on feeding, loving, grooming and cuddling our charges.

We are deeply saddened at the massive loss.



5 thoughts on “Illness Sweeps the Bunnies”

  1. So sorry for your losses. I can imagine the heartbreaking feeling when you care so much but it’s not enough.

  2. So sorry for your losses. Although it is heart breaking for you abd your volunteers do remember all the many animals that you have saved and found forver homes. Heaven has gained precious fur angels that will remain in your hearts.

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