I love my Canines

Sitting at the Main Street drawbridge in Port Colborne watching the Lakers traverse the canal with a Super Taz riding shot gun and napping in her favorite paw print plush bed.

Brent and I were having a movie day and he said: “hey, have you seen Gizmo?” He meant Poco.

Walking along the beach with the sun shining through the clouds and the yellow dances like northern lights across the lake. The magic and shimmer from heaven touching the earth. Sharing it all with little heartbeats who get it too.

Every time I sit on the kitchen floor and am never alone.

Listening to Taz have a crunchy snack.

Right before it rains there’s a smell and heaviness that saturates the very air we breathe. It makes Taz excited and Poco afraid. Nature affects us all.

The sound of nails clip, clip, clip across the hardwood floor.

The taste of cookies and warm bread that I have to share with a smile.

Asking at PetSmart if they have any smaller tennis balls while holding onto the leash of Taz and Poco with a quizzical look on my face. Saying with a straight face “these balls are simply too big”

Enjoying the smiles of strangers as I drive by in my Smart Car with Super Taz and Poco riding shot gun or staring out the back window like a bobble head doll.

Learning the delight of running as fast as you can through dry warm sand.

Never eating alone.

It doesn’t matter how many times I tell Taz and Poco that there is only one exit from the bathroom, they insist on following me relentlessly to the powder room.

Being interrupted in the middle of an intimate moment by a wet nose.

Always having a wing man.

Telling stories about Gizmo makes me feel good and I think it makes other people uncomfortable. I love to talk about my little dude. He was magic. I promise not to cry if you promise to listen.

This is a video of Taz in the role of entertainer on a Friday night. I’m still giggling.

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