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How Energy Changes When the Foster Dog Leaves

Bailey was a Shih Tzu in our Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary Foster Dog program, and he was one of few that are actually fostered at BCFS itself.  He became particularly attached to me when he first arrived, and as I always do, I put my heart into returning his faith.  I was working the day he was adopted. That meant I could not be there myself.

How Energy Changes When the Fostered Dog Leaves

Much as it pained me not to be the one to see him off, its was best for him to go to his furever home as soon as the new family was ready for him.   His adoption was facilitated by volunteers including Silvana our Adoption Coordinator.

When I walked into the old farm house I was immediately struck by the change in energy that was noticeable in Bailey’s absence. It was a palpable change in the air that I found a little unbalancing.

fostered dog bailey leaves

Its so remarkable how just one member of the pack, and a temporary member at that, can make such a big difference.  Of course there is my own sentiments to factor in; like any foster mom, a part of my heart goes out the door with every animal that finds their perfect furever home.

Maybe its remarkable because the resident animals reflect the energy change too. They are often low-key, sleep a lot, or look for extra cuddles on the day a fostered dog leaves.

Much as it affects us all, we really do that “adoption dance” across the room when the event happens. The adopters are so excited to share their happy tails with us after the fact, we can not help but know we’ve helped save one more soul, and now have a space at the Farm to save one more.

Consider Foster Care with Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary

Not all animals we accept through Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary are fostered at our Farm. In fact most are fostered by our loving volunteer families dedicated to helping our fostered dogs heal, learn manners, or just be with them until a perfect forever home can be found.

The more foster homes the more dogs we can take in at one time. We go to great efforts to match dog personalities with foster homes to ensure the right match. For a long haul or a short term, we make sure the foster families are supported with any food, medical attention, training or creature comforts their fostered animal may need.

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We are always looking for foster homes. Please do consider opening your home to an animal in need. You too can reap the rewards of saving souls, one animal at a time!





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