Honeymoon Adventures

September 22, 2010
It’s nearly ten at night on September 22, 2010 and we’re five days post-wedding. After extensively cuddling a Gizmo Brent has settled into reading his book and I’ve decided to write about the days adventures. We used my sister’s gift of a charcoal grill to barbecue some steaks and shrimp. Along with a bottle of red wine we enjoyed our meal outside with only the sound of the katydids to keep us company.
It was an adventurous day. It took us about forty minutes to tear down and get ready to drive. It poured rain as we emptied our waste in the dump station, but it didn’t dampen our spirits. We headed south west toward the Kentucky border with coffee in our bellies and joy in our hearts.
We were two hours in when an F350 towing a huge fifth wheel pulled up beside us and gestured upwards. We pulled over at the next exit and found we were one kayak short. We finished fuelling and headed back east in search of our little sea kayak.
We found the little orange mess just west of a bridge on the interstate and had to go up two miles to the next exit and turn around in hopes of a quick retrieval. About a mile away from the exit we saw a state trooper and became more nervous about the trouble we could be in for having an unsafe load and causing an accident. We were grief-stricken at the thought that our naughty kayak may have caused harm.
Luckily the trooper paid us no attention as we casually drove by and headed towards our orange beauty laying in the grassy median between the four lanes of traffic of the interstate. Like an insane pair of teens we raced out of the truck and before I could get around to the side Brent had thrown the damaged kayak into the bed of the truck and was already heading to the driver’s seat screaming “get in. Get in wife!”
We raced away and couldn’t stop until we were hours away from the scene of the crime. As we examined the kayak we were grateful it hadn’t caused an accident. Our flying kayak had only damaged itself with a few scrapes and two dents that righted themselves as we travelled in the ninety-five degree heat.
Phew. Thank goodness I took that vow to be Brent’s willing adventurer and partner in cahoots.
We stopped in Columbus, Ohio for human and puppy supplies before continuing our trek south west to a four hundred acre public park on the Kentucky / Ohio border. We were fifteen minutes south of Columbus when the wind picked up and debris started flying across the road. Weird. The sky went black and the rain began to fall.
I said to Brent “this looks like tornado weather”. He laughed. Five minutes later the local radio station made the emergency broadcast warnings with the loud blaring beeps. We look at each other in shock as we listened to the broadcast of the tornado warning for Columbus and areas east.
The storm was heading east at thirty-five miles an hour and we were heading south west at sixty miles per hour. We were out running it, but just barely. It was exciting to see the funnel clouds in the distance and watch the sky turn an eerie grey-green colour. We were exhilarated as the electricity heated up the air to ninety and then drop the outside air to seventy in less than five minutes. We raced out of the path of the storm.
Still riding the high of the intense storm we travelled along the rural road for several hours without much thought. I started to realize we’ve been thirty minutes away from our destination for nearly two hours. What?
It was the snaky roads with fifteen mile an hour curves and fifteen percent grades up and down hill that caused us to slow. Brent missed a turn and it added fifteen minutes and an adventurous endeavour onto a dirt path that was barely wide enough to support our truck and thirty-two foot trailer.
We finally arrived at Long Family Resort, but couldn’t find any staff. It said they were open till ten and it was only eight, but there was nobody around. We searched and search and finally decided to find our own camping spot.
We examined the public map of the facility and decided on a spot by the creek far from the office. The creek was dry, but the shore power was on as was the water. Jackpot!
We fired up our charcoal grill and barbecued some steak and shrimp. I made some red wine potatoes in the microwave that surprised us both to create a lovely meal. Brent was in charge of shopping and somehow forgot the veggies… again. Don’t worry as apples, peaches and grapes were our travel snacks.
We ate our dinner and started a lovely fire to enjoy the evening. We’re both a little nervous about “stealing” a site, but we promise to pay in the morning.
We’re deciding where we want to travel to tomorrow. Kansas City, MO or do we head towards the two thousand acre state park on the Kentucky / Indiana Border? Brent is suggesting we head towards Beckley, WV and find a spot in the mountains.
I know tomorrow comes with be another great adventure. I hope we get internet soon, so I can post some of these stories.
I finished my quick five minute shower and I’m incredibly grateful to have washed my hair. It’s Brent’s turn to enjoy the hot water and I can’t help but giggle as I see him running around the trailer in his nudies. It’s okay because we’re married now! Ha ha…
New Blog! September 23rd, 2010.
Happy Birthday Lisa! I didn’t forget… I just don’t have any cell or internet reception!!!
We woke this morning to the sounds of jet planes. It was so loud and disturbing that we decided that this campground was not the spot to spend several days. The sad dried up creek bed and lack of occupants was not enough on it’s own to have us leaving, but the sound of construction (someone was building a deck on their trailer about one hundred feet from where we had parked) and the jet planes helped convince us it was time to move on. .
After a quick coffee we packed up and headed south east into Kentucky. We noticed an immediate change in the vegetation and the housing. There seemed to be thousands of dilapidated mobile homes in rural southern Ohio. The area seemed so depressed and depressing, but as soon as we crossed the bridge to Kentucky the world was greener and the houses had foundations and basements.
We used the AAA camp book and picked out Greensbo State Resort and Park – a 33,000 acre state park in the north east corner of Kentucky that boasted a whopping sixty trailer sites with electricity and water. We found a lovely shady corner around one in the afternoon and set up.
In our area there were only six other trailers and our spot was on top of a hill. We had a heck of a time levelling the trailer and even moved it sideways so our door faced the woods before we were satisfied.
Once set up we decided to ride our bikes the half mile to the ranger station to pay our bill for three nights ($63 – for all three nights including tax). It took a while to set up and hook up the dog trailer and the basket that goes on the front of the bike. Taz and Gizmo love the trailer ride and Poco enjoys his perch from the basket. I think I’d gone about two hundred feet when my rear tire blew. I pushed the bike including trailer and Poco in the basket back to our site. Site fifty-one.
We jumped in the truck and drove out to the ranger station stopping along the way to watch a new trailer owner try and back into a spot. After several tries she pulled around on the grass and made it a drive-through. We smiled as she laughed and waved on our way by.
Once paid up we drove across the street to check out the lake. It was huge and we can’t wait to drop our kayaks in for a paddle tomorrow. I imagine we’ll go for a hike after our wine, but for now it’s time to relax and maybe take a nap. We’ve decided to stay until at least Sunday that way we beat the weekend rush and can really enjoy some paddling and hiking. Hopefully we can get a new tire for my bike tomorrow.
It’s now four thirty and we’re having a glass of wine. Brent is reading and I’m writing. Too bad there’s no internet, but looking at the green trees and enjoying the ninety degree heat I can’t say that I mind.
We’ve finally found a spot we can sit and stay for a spell. Maybe we’ll move on Monday or maybe we’ll stay longer. It’s a lovely spot and it’s wonderful to know we’ve found a great spot for a few days of outdoor adventures. I hope the weather is with us! No more tornados!
It’s just after eleven at night and we’ve had our fair share to drink tonight knowing we aren’t going to have drive in the morning. With excessive drinking usually comes injury and we’re no exception. I was stepping over the little two foot fence we have for the puppies and I stuck my foot right into this steel contraption Brent bought to help start the coals on fire. I have a six inch laceration on my left ankle to prove my agility. These things happen. I’m not complaining too much, other than it really hurts!
When we searched for my shoe we found it inside the metal device. Woohoo… I did a good job.     
p.s… we never did find anyone this morning at the other campground… Oops…

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