Hollingswood Update

Our old man Hollingswood has gone for a vet check up that included a senior blood panel and x-rays.

His blood work came back normal. He’s not suffering from kidney problems and his liver function is normal. We believe Hollingswood is fourteen years old and he’s seen some rough times, but isn’t ready to cross the rainbow bridge just yet!

He’s missing a toe and has spondolysis in his back, but everything is where it should be – including his hips.

dapper mr hollingswood chihuahua

We’ve started Hollingsworth on cartrophen injections once a month for the arthritis pain and he gets a little metacam now and then, but over all this tough fellow is hanging strong.


He enjoys his short walks and time outside, but spends most days chasing rays of sunlight across the sun room floor or curls up in his heated dog bed to ease his old bones.

Do you have a little heated dog bed that could use some attention? Consider adopting a senior dog who’s still in good health and has some time left to share love.

hollingswood chihuahua looking at you


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