Hershel the Pig back at BCFS!

After a brief stint in a foster home (thank you Sandra) while we built the new red barn Hershel has returned to BCFS!

Hershel is a real fan favorite with his dapper tuxedo and delightful personality!

He’s waddled into the new red barn at the Little g Ranch as a resident of Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary and is settling in nicely.

potbellied pig moving day

Hershel’s mom died during labour, so Hershel was hand raised and bottle fed since day one, so he’s not your average pig… He is particular bonded and sensitive to all creatures.

baby potbellied pig

Hershel was destined to be a favorite with all animals (whether you have two legs or four). Here he is playing with a tiny, frail 1 pound kitten who was recovering from tummy troubles.

hershel pot-bellied pig and cat

Daisy came to BCFS terrified and shut down, so Hershel did the only thing he could to comfort Daisy – cuddling is his speciality. Slowly Hershel helped Daisy come out of her shell and start to eat again. He’s a super hero pig.

pot-bellied pig bulldog size

Hershel loves to roam and forage for fresh vegetations in our three acre pasture. He’s building muscle from all the walking and is a very solid pig.


Hershel shares his space with all the other residents of BCFS, including Heidi the mini horse (back), Nelly our oldest goat (middle) and in the lead: Hershel.


When Hershel returned from his foster home he brought a very special friend. Zig is a shih tzu cross who has some intense behavioural issues and will be residing at BCFS. Zig has a horrible past, but he’s bonded with his best buddy Hershel. The only thing they don’t do together is eat, because Hershel can be such a pig about his food!


We are so happy to have our Hershel back!!!



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