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Help Save a Life! BCFS Now Recruiting Foster Families

Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary is inviting responsible foster families join our team! By temporarily opening your home to a dog in need, you can help save a life and BCFS can accept more dogs into our rescued dog foster program.

Becoming one of our foster families is a great way to have a “hands on” experience with rescued dogs and the BCFS organization. Here’s how it works …

 BCFS Foster Families

mandy furever home foster dog

We can only take as many dogs into our foster program as we have homes to accept them. That means if we don’t have an available foster family, we can’t take a new dog into the program.

BCFS pays for all veterinary costs and provides all the basics: collar, leash, food, bowls and as much history as we have on each dog in foster care.


We hold regular workshops and have access to professionals in dog training, dog behaviour, vet care and holistic therapies, so you may have an opportunity to vastly expand your own dog savvy – great for your resident dogs too! Our other foster families are supportive and close at hand, to answer questions and offer advice anytime.

BCFS contacts our foster families when there are new dogs under consideration for the rescue program. We match dogs with foster families with the same careful consideration as when we match adoptive families to dogs. We want both dog and foster family to be safe and happy with the arrangement.

All you need to do is bring love, a safe place for these dogs to recover from stress, trauma or emotional turmoil. And regular contact with our team so we can make sure you have everything you need to make the experience just great.

Tia was a little chilly in the pumpkin patch; she got a snuggle from foster mum Raye!
Tia was a little chilly in the pumpkin patch; she got a snuggle from foster mum Raye!

BCFS is in the process of implementing a “project-based” schedule for bringing dogs into our rescue program.  That is to say, we will take multiple dogs in at regular intervals, rather than one-off, last minute intakes.

What that means for our foster families is a comfortable amount of time to prepare for a foster dog.  For our organization, it will likely mean more rescued dogs will be coming from either international rescue groups or dogs at humane societies who would otherwise be on the euthanasia list.

Our first project under this arrangement will be the two dogs coming in from Mexico on April 18, 2015. Read more about them here …


Consider joining the Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary Foster Family Team! We gratefully appreciate your time and dedication to helping animals in need!


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