Healing Pippa’s Broken Spirit – Foster Mom Update

In September we introduced you to Pippa, a 4-year-old apricot poodle used and dumped at a shelter by a breeder. Her broken spirit and extreme fear of people makes her pee and poop on anyone who handles her. She has a profound fear of men in particular.


Pippa Makes Progress with a Little Help from Her Friends

Pippa has been in the safe care of one of BCFS’ trusted fosters. Raye’s permanent BCFS foster dog Harriette and her pug Sally have been helping to heal Pippa’s emotional wounds.


Pippa snugly sandwiched between Sally and Harriette

Foster mom Raye sent us an update and new photos of Pippa to share.


We’re heartened to know that Pippa is gradually learning how to be a normal dog, to work on her fears day by day, and to adjust to life without being constantly bred for money-making puppies. Raye writes,

“Pippa had dental work September 30th and came through with flying colours. She had one tooth crack all the way to the gum line and also had 3 others removed. I have her on soft food for a few days and she is eating well.

Pippa is bonding with Harriette ( BCFS cushings foster) and Sally our pug as well. She now cries to be out of her crate so she can be with the girls. I am in the process of leash training her. I brace her with Harriette and she is not as timid but our route is very limited. She is learning about cars driving by.

The antibiotics for the UTI have worked, wonderfully very few accidents in the house. She still panics over any strange noise or sudden move. Paul has found that it is not just – all men are evil. She has learned to keep one eye on him but will stay out of her crate and allow him to get within 2 feet as long as he is slow and quiet. She does not hide under the plants when the neighbours come to the fence to visit now. I believe part of that is Max their Havanese is her friend as well.

Pippa still poops when any stranger goes to touch her as the vet tech found out at the dental. This may be a forever trait. I always tell her when I am going to pick her up and she is fine with me.

Although she will mostly come when I call her she needs to wear her leash at all times because sometimes life does not allow an hour with the door open to get her to come in or if she hears a scary noise and hides in the cedar bush and won’t come out. The leash training has help me get her. With Paul the leash is a great tool for him to use.”


Pippa is gradually making positive progress in foster care but Raye writes,

“Pippa will not be ready for adoption for awhile yet.  Her needs are many and her anxiety is high. She has human male issues, noise issues, and house training issues. She is still learning to be a dog. She has taken to Harriette the BCFS permanent foster dog that has Cushings .”

We’re grateful for the patience, love and healing our fosters provide to broken rescue dogs like Pippa.  With Raye, Harriette, Sally and BCFS, Pippa has another chance in life – the chance she and every dog deserves.  We’ll keep you updated on Pippa’s progress and are grateful for your support of BCFS.

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  1. I recently had a poodle I would love to adopt her if I could. I would give her a good loving home. You say she’s not ready for adopted yet I can wait. Please contact me at 9053804354. Then we can talk more.

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