Who is saving Whom? Healing Hope

From the book of Amy’s Analogies

I was standing in the stall doorway with my back to the paddock having a few words with Splash and at my feet standing next to the good sized horse was Walter. A blind horse and a blind dog: both stories of an unbelievable desire to survive, and once survived, an even stronger desire to live a loving life.


My heart swelled and when I thought I couldn’t have a more perfect moment of joy I turned around to see the animals had created a circle around me. I was the centre of the circle and suddenly the centre of a very important world.

gus face

Each animal told an incredible story of life and as I watched each animal I had a flash of their stories. From Elsa the goat who was abandoned in subzero temperature for eight hours, to Hershel the pig who lost his mom on day one, then my eyes found Sabre an eleven year old deaf rottie whose story of abuse would make many give up, to Nelly the goat who at seventeen showed no signs of slowing down, next in my circle is Heidi an elderly mini horse discarded after her years of showing and breeding came to an end, and finally to Zig the dog who still struggles to overcome the years of abuse.


I suddenly realized that these animals came to me for saving, but as they built this safe wall around me with their bodies, minds and love I knew I could survive my story.


There are days of doubt and sometimes the glue that holds it all together during times of struggle is the health and joy radiating out of those eyes. I’ve nurtured these animals so well, but why couldn’t I do the same for myself?

turtle show black and white

I’m a caregiver. A helper. A rescuer and I’ve done a few heroic things in my life, but none of that defines who I am at my core.

It’s still a work in progress. All of it. The animals, the rescue, the barn and myself. We will continue to grow, learn and love.

A little self reflection on a very special moment at BCFS.


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  1. How beautifully said Amy, you all amaze me with how selfless you are. You give so much love to those who have never known it, along with a family many may never have. You give them all a forever home in your heart.

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