Harriette – Update on our Cushing’s Dog

Harriette came into foster dog care suffering extreme allergies that had robbed her of much of her fur, and left her skin red and raw and sore all over. Her eyes were swollen and weepy.

harriette at intake

She was also carrying an additional 20 pounds on her small frame. The average Shih Tzu or Poodle, of which we guess she is a mix, weighs about 12 pounds; Harriette was 32 pounds at the time of her intake. She was morbidly obese. She was also lethargic and seemingly depressed, likely due to her poor health combined with the constant and unwanted attentions of brother Ozzie.


With diligence, informed medical care, and healthy nutrition, Harriette has blossomed. She has made impressive strides, and happily looks forward to the continued regime.

harriette gets well

It’s been over a year since Harriette came to live with foster mom Raye and foster dad Paul. They have done amazing things to bring this girl back to life.

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When Harriette found her calling as a “Barn Hunt” dog and went crazy with anticipation of finding the rat — Raye laughed and said “it looks like this old lady is going to be around for a while. I better start teaching her some obedience.”


Raye had merely planned on giving Harriette a good end of days when she discovered the old lady had Cushing’s disease. Harriette was given a poor prognosis and it was decided Harriette would become a permanent foster with Raye and Paul.


She wasn’t give long to live and Raye was determined to make sure Harriette knew she was loved, but more than that Raye never quit trying to make life better.

Raye Succeeded. 

Harriette is still on expensive medications, but she’s starting to grow a bit of peach fuzzy hair on her tail for the first time in years. She follows Raye around like a love sick puppy and the bond shared by these two extraordinary ladies is one to be envied.


The love they share is an inspiration to all of us, not just in the world of animal rescue, but in life.


Never Give Up. Never Say Die. Never Stop Trying. 

A million thanks to Raye, Paul and Harriette for all the hard work. This story is a kudos out to a foster family who changed the world for one dog and saved her life.


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