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Harriette on a Shih Poo Program to Good Health

Harriette came to Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary a few months ago. Her natural disposition is happy and sweet, but we saw only tiny glimmers of it at the time. She was a dog literally weighed down by her terrible physical condition. Horribly overweight, she should have been about 16 pounds; Harriette tipped the scales at 32 pounds. With the dedication of her foster home, she is on the perfect Shih Poo program to good health.

harriette good health programHarriette had spent her previous life eating kibbles and bits dog food. In addition to the weight, she was horribly allergic which lead to  skin, ear and eye infections. She had been on prednisone – a steroid medication – for most of her life used to control the itching and redness of her skin and ears.

Overweight, infected and allergic, she didn’t have the wherewithal to get away from the constant licking of her unaltered canine companion. All these elements had brought Harriette to a health crisis.

With the dedication of her foster home, a change to a strict fish based diet and a very regimented exercise program Harriette is now off the prednisone and has lost nearly 8 pounds.

Harriette’s Inner Beauty and Spirit Emerges

If you look past her appearance you’ll find the dog we thought we glimpsed at intake; a Shih Poo with a lovely personality and a sweet disposition. She’s wonderful with other dogs and cats, walks well on a leash and would make a lovely cuddly companion.

harriette good health program

From Harriette’s foster mom:

“Harriette is happily on track for her diet and exercise program. Her eye is clearing nicely. I also have solved the problem of her scratching her bare skin up with a normal itch. She is now wearing a Hawaiian Princess T shirt compliments of my pugs. I am hoping Harriette will get some hair back before it gets too cold if not the Pug sisters have kindly agreed to share.”


Her progress has been wonderful and steady. In fact she is more than happy to stay with the program. Harriette is now able to climb stairs, go for longer walks, goes for a run and jumps up on the couch!


Harriette’s perfect forever home would include a family willing to maintain her diet and exercise program. She’s shy with kids and we’d recommend a home where treats wouldn’t be snuck under the table by young children.

Please feel free to contact us or read her official profile to learn more about Harriette, or fill in an adoption application from our website here!

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    1. Harriette will constantly struggle with her cushing’s disease and we have moved her from adoptable to palliative as her life expectancy is short and her medical bills are high. If you’d like to make a donation towards Harriette you can do so on our donations page. Thank you for asking about Harriette!

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