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Harriette Shi-Poo BCFS Permanent Foster, Six Month Update

Shi-Poo Harriette 6 Month Report

From her foster family Raye and Paul

Harriette at Day One, Intake

When I first laid eyes on Harriette I thought: you sad lady what have we as humans done to you and how can we help you.

She was crusty eyed, had hot spots and sores on her body, was 32 plus pounds and barely waddled. Her ears were infected, red and full of black tar. She was on predisone to control allergies –  these horrible reactions to either bad food or bad care.

The first thing she did when I examined her was lick my hand and I truly believed: “where there is life there is hope”.

Paul and I lifted her into our van and the journey had begun I was told that Harriette was fed Kibbles and Bits and seemed allergic. Amy had started her on a limited ingredients dog food and I we continued with a similar trout and salmon food which I feed my furbies. I also weaned her off the predisone.
Like a child growing I set milestone marker to watch for. Her first successful jump onto the couch, climbing of stairs, walking a block, and finally running.

As her weight peeled off to 19 pounds and her mobility improved.
I noticed she had hair loss and paper thin skin. When I voiced my worries to Beaver Creek they gave me their full support to get her tested for Cushings Disease. Unfortunately, Harriette tested positive and Cushings Disease is incurable.

A decision was made to make Harriette a permanent resident of BCFS and Raye offered to give Harriette the best end of days and the best life could offer.

harriettte booties
Harriette Six months in foster care 13 pounds lighter.

After weighting all the options available to manage Harriette’s disease we selected to treat Harriette with a safer drug which can lower her hormone level and help us manage the on going effects of the disease. Harriette seem to know she must wear boots, socks, and clothes to protect her skin and never complains about her medicated baths. What a sweet lady.

Today when I look at Harriette as she bounces across the yard in hot pursuit of the squirrels I am reminded of what Dogs can teach Humans about love and living every moment to the fullest.

My hope is to be able to give Harriette the highest quality of life for as many squirrel chasing seasons as possible.

Help Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary with Harriette’s Care

Harriette’s course of treatment to make her as comfortable and happy as possible is costly. We appreciate any small donation that we will allocate directly to her comfort. Appropriate sized clothing donations are also welcome for this sweet lady.

Donations can be made via paypal or credit card on our donations page or send a cheque to Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary 2930 Bowen Rd, Stevensville, ON L0S 1S0. If you would like a tax receipt please provide your name and address.

As always, your donation is greatly appreciated and much needed!

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