xmasbarn and Q-hut

Happy Holidays from all of us at BCFS!

Celebrating the holidays with our four legged family couldn’t be any more special this year. We will be bidding farewell to the farm in Stevensville and heading west to Wainfleet.

We create and savor our last Christmas at the farm, or BCFS East as we like to call it.


There’s no snow this year, so we had to borrow from 2014 to make it feel a little more like Christmas. The horses love the snow, but they also love the green grass that seems to be popping up with this exceptionally warm winter.


Brent and I want to wish you a very happy holidays this year.

christmasbill brent amy


Even though the weather is warm enough for us to make sand castles and run on the beach! It doesn’t change our holiday spirit!


Happy Holidays!

Adopt! Don’t Shop!

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