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Gus the Sheepdog, I’M A SURVIVOR

Gus is the resident greeter dog at Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary. Any visitor who arrives at the Farm is first announced by Gus, whose deep bark sounds the call that someone has arrived. Gus is no ordinary dog, he is a survivor and has lived and thrived, against all odds.

You see, Gus was a sad, neglected dog without a name who rarely knew human companionship when he arrived three years ago. That is until he met Amy and Brent at Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary.

gus the sheepdog survivor

He had lived alone outside, at the end of a chain for 10 lonely years. Emaciated, having had no medical care, with a heavy chain collar that was embedded in his neck.

He must have thought he had won the doggie lottery when he arrived at the Farm in the back of a pick-up truck. His broken body and spirit must have made it difficult for him to trust any human, as he had never known what it was like to be loved.

As in many real-world love stories, it wasn’t exactly love at first sight.  But Amy turned out to be Gus’ fairy Godmother. In early 2013, barely a year after gaining freedom from the chains of that abusive situation, it was discovered that Gus had a rapidly growing tumour. His chances of survival were 50/50 at best.

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The three pound tumour was removed and Gus began to heal. He thrived even more within his new environment.

Gus has proven himself to be the protector of the Farm and the other animals. Given that he is a member of the Kuvasz Hungarian Sheepdog tribe, that’s not all that surprising. He is often the one to send out the warning that coyotes are near, which gets everyone on their toes to protect the Sanctuary.

Gus the Survivor

So this love story does have a happy ending for Gus the survivor dog. For the past three years at Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary, Gus has known what it feels like to have a full belly, to be loved, and to be shown human kindness. Finally after a lifetime of suffering, Gus is home.

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