Guest Writer Sandy Moore on Animal Rescue Bylaws

Sandy is a familiar face in Fort Erie, ON and she’s adding her two cents and a bit of research to our current animal bylaw situation.

Food for Thought 

Dear Mayor and Councillors,

I am writing with respect to Beaver Creek Sanctuary and the proposed, reduction in needed services in the Fort Erie jurisdiction for both livestock and domestic animals.

Alpaca and Llamas

The issue applying to alpaca and llamas has clearly been a violation of standard. Both species have been designated regulated livestock, in their own group, under the division which includes sheep and goats, for some time.


We have our own alpaca supplier in our agricultural area, the removal of alpaca from the rescue, justified as exotics was not supported under any current law and could be construed as uneducated discrimination.


The outdated fostering regulations and fee are unique to Fort Erie. A quick sampling of surrounding areas show that neither fostering fees, nor impossible fostering property requirements are part of any bylaw.

rob, Piper, red shaggy

In fact the fostering property laws and fees that are peculiar to Fort Erie prevent additional resources being made to this area in terms of animal intake, socializing and successful permanent or long term adoption.

Mississauga Toronto and Welland

Mississauga : No fostering fees . No fostering property restriction. Fostering determined by The Mississauga animal control. Alternate rescues within jurisdiction.

Toronto: No fostering fees. No fostering property restrictions. Alternate rescues operating within jurisdiction.

Welland /Port Colborne: No fostering fees. A direct quote “Why would we charge them? They are contributing time and attention to the animals.” No fostering property restrictions. Alternate rescues operating within jurisdiction.

Fort Erie SPCA

Furthermore , I would challenge all Councillors to ask whether the Fort Erie SPCA has absolutely adhered to all regulations required for fostering at all times in the past. I would suggest you may find the accurate answer does not support the current law.

I have been an avid supporter of the Fort Erie SPCA since 1988. Many of my animal family have come from there and many others I have known have received their support.

I have been involved here long enough to know that there could be much more done well in our area. We are a horse race center and rescue is a complimentary service and optic in support of our equine ambition.


Our SPCA (always open to more funding, and hard working in alternate fundraising), has cement cells, limited opportunity for socialization, and you can sign a dog out on spec, without home checks. (This is because of staffing, financial constraints.)

dog behind bars

They do their level best to keep animals as long as possible , but seasonal intake ( i.e. feral cats ) mean that some long term residents may be in danger of euthanasia.

Shelters and Rescues 

Beaver Creek has limited intake, excellent socialization, home checks, adopter support and vet and orthodontic services performed prior to adoption. They have dedicated assessed fosters, and documented adoption and re adoption successes.


Both Fort Erie SPCA and Beaver Creek Sanctuary have a capacity for international intake and participate in excellent public education events.

These two entities have the same concern for animal welfare, stringent regulations and policies and could be working in complimentary fashion to ensure the best outcome for abandoned, unwanted animals.

Pictured is Wendy Trombley - Head of Fort Erie SPCA. Her husband Ken is the OSPCA enforcement officer for the Fort Erie SPCA catchment area.
Pictured is Wendy Trombley – Head of Fort Erie SPCA. Her husband Ken is the OSPCA enforcement officer for the Fort Erie SPCA catchment area.

A change to outdated by laws, would be a great start. An open discussion with regard to the fostering land and fee requirements would be essential and a conversation with regard to transfer of private information in the interests of all parties (including new owners),could smooth out a process that would be acceptable to both Fort Erie SPCA and Beaver Creek Animal Sanctuary.


Fair Decision

I also feel that, if a fair decision cannot be made today, I suggest a trial window of operation for Beaver Creek Animal Sanctuary be established while the old by laws, which are prohibitive to both local rescues and animal welfare, locally be rewritten in favor of better animal prospects in the Fort Erie district.

1cuteby thetree

During that time councilors from the Town of Fort Erie should make visits to both facilities to ensure that they conform to the high standards of both animal welfare group and then make EDUCATED, substantiated determinations.

I am very much impressed and in favor of the continuation of Beaver Creek Animal Farms’ work with both livestock and companion animals. They are a long needed addition to our area and are a complimentary function to the Fort Erie SPCA.

Beaver Creek Animal Sanctuary meets and exceeds the high standards required by the town and operate at no cost to the town.

It’s time to change the way we deal with animal welfare! 
Amy Addresses Town of Fort Erie Council
Amy Addresses Town of Fort Erie Council

Regards ,
Sandy Moore
Fort Erie

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