Guest Writer: Brent Lindhurst on Jackson

Cutest Puppy  (also know as Jackson) Story.

This morning, Sunday, woke oddly refreshed — oddly 8 hours after getting into bed.  Stepped the 13 carpeted treads down into our bright warm kitchen, Jax waiting at the bottom – supporting his cuteness on the bottom step with his front legs, looking up at me,  leaking cuteness into the whole room.  (Baby puppy is dangerous sweet, we have to be careful with him around diabetics and kids easily subjective to cavities).  Knowing all to well about how diligent we have to remain while training Baby Puppy, I immediately pick him up and walk through the kitchen, the back entrance, an open sliding glass door and into the remarkably beautiful unseasonable warmth.  I carefully support his warm body which supports the over-sized tongue while discussing my plans with him.  “You’re going to use the outdoor toilet and then we get treats”.  I’m sure you can reason with a baby puppy.

I set Jax down behind the pool shed in the safety of the second fenced pen.  We talk for just a moment or two (“Do you have to piddle?”), me feeling a little absurd in my boxers.  Jax runs back to the house, through the high security fenced pen, the back room, the dog door, and into the “I-deserve-a-treat” position.  I followed, and while very tempted by the cutest dog, I did not give into his treat beg.  Instead I explain the very valuable missed step between going out doors and coming in for a treat and prepare to investigate.  I figured there’s a little baby puppy treat somewhere for me to clean up if Jax has no interest in being outside for his morning constitutional.

During my unsuccessful investigation I catch, out of the corner of my eye, a very cute puppy doing a very naughty thing on the entrance mat.  I scare the poor guy by sweeping him up mid-activity and running him outside.  We have another – slightly different – conversation.  It ends similarly, except while Jax begs for a heart-shaped cookie, I employ the power of some Green cleaning agents.  I think he’s smiling.  He’s always smiling.

A third time I pick up our Jaxson and carry him out to the furthest reaches of the second fenced pen.  I carefully take up a conversation dropping bribes and trying not to whine.  “Please?”.  Success!  A “piddle”!  It’s little, but a defined moment in our training.  Finally I get to give this little guy the cookie he so richly deserved all along!  We run back to the kitchen (Jax uses the swinging puppy door, I opt for the more conventional “man” door) and I dole out the cookies.  Poco gets one for his guard work – I always feel safe with him around.

I’m so proud of my excellent puppy training.  I wonder if there’s a future in it for me?

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