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Little g Ranch — A New Beginning

From the Desk of Amy… 

I was very sad when I realized our small town would not become pro animal rescue. I had coffee with a good friend during our struggles and she gave me some amazing advice:

I spent my entire life trying to do animal rescue in this town and they won’t let me, and now I’m too old. Don’t waste your life trying to change a place that doesn’t want to change. Go live your dream — get out of this damn town.

As I dried my tears I realized she was right. This wasn’t the place for me and my dreams. I woke one morning and remembered a dream I had about maltipoos; and realized I was wasting my energy fighting an unwinnable battle to volunteer.


It hurts on a visceral level to say farewell to the farm and all its childhood comforts for me, but that energy needs to go towards my dream of helping animals.

Through a dark storm comes the rising sun pushing me into a place of light and love where the dream of a new place is born. A new town, a fresh start and a new beginning.

Ground Breaking for Little g Ranch 

July 22, 2015 — Ground Breaking for Little g Ranch and future home of Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary in Southern Ontario.

Here begins the next chapter of our lives! 


What does little g stand for? It stands for many thing — like the challenges of little government.

The lower case g is the mutt of letters.

The letter g is a hodgepodge of geometric shapes: a circle a line and a curve. The letter g starts the word God and ends the word dog. For some g is the symbol of a deity, science and geometry.

Others say the letter g is completely unremarkable.

The three Greek letters, Gamma, Omicron and Delta may be combined in a monogram to form a very fair conventionalizing of our letter “G” inside a triangle which looks not unlike our modern square and compasses. Building, guidance and direction. 

All of these definitions of “g” work and so it shall stand!

Little g Ranch and a paw 

Little g Ranch
Little g Ranch

Little g is also for an unwanted little brown puppy mill dog named Gizmo. He taught us about rescue, love, forgiveness and passion… and we failed him. What started as a penance turned into love and passion.


.. And so we build… 


Our grief at the death of BCFS East is eased by the birth of BCFS West at Little g Ranch. We mourn what we have lost, but celebrate for the future and grateful for all we’ve learned.

Join our excitment! We’ll be looking for volunteers to help with construction of the stalls, Headquarters and Q-hut support building in the coming months.

Estimated Grand Opening will be Spring 2016! 

Thank you for your support!!






3 thoughts on “Little g Ranch — A New Beginning”

  1. Very interesting article but I could not find where this new Beaver Creek will be located. I have felt that you have done a wonderful job rescuing various animals and that the town of Fort Erie has given you a rotten deal. My husband and I visited your facility a year ago and were very impressed. We have therefore decided that should either our dog or cat pass away, anything we have of theirs we will give to Beaver Creek and hope that you will accept the donation, this could be anything from toys, food, to litter boxes and litter(new of course). Please let us know when and where this new place will be located and if we do have things to donate before then if you will still be up on Bowen Road here in Fort Erie. Thanks for all that you do.

    1. We are still working out the details, so please email when you are ready to donate and we’ll provide the appropriate location! We greatly appreciate your support.

  2. Well what a huge loss for Stevensville and their chance at creating good karma/ good will and good old fashioned, doing the right thing for the right reasons! OH WELL…
    As you say, on to doing the right things anyway! Congrats to you guys and to all of the animals (past, present and future) to receive love and life because of your efforts!
    Peace, health and love to you, Brent and the whole gang.
    Count me in for volunteering!
    Lynn, Tia and Bella

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