Goodbye to Sabre

Sabre was an 11-year-old Rottweiler who was rescued from an abusive situation. Despite the bad things that had happened to Sabre, she had a very sweet personality and found a loving forever home to spend the last days of her life.


Saber was living with a family that abused her and let other dogs abuse her as well. She was messy when she drank her water so her owners often took it away and she was severely dehydrated when rescued. She had ear and eye infections, mammary gland tumors, and her coat was dull and thin.

When Sabre first arrived in the BCFS foster care program she was given veterinarian care to treat her physical issues. Most importantly she was given a safe place to sleep and a loving foster family to teach her that not all people would treat her badly.


Although Sabre was still afraid in new situations and showed fear aggression with other dogs and cats, her sweet nature began to show. She would follow her foster Mom around and place a little plush toy in her lap like a prize. As Sabre became more comfortable and less afraid, she showed what a great family dog she was going to be. Her trust level increased and she was good with children, completely housetrained, and wagged her tail when meeting new people. As her infections cleared up and she relaxed it was easy to see what a beautiful dog she really was.

sabre foreverfamily

Sabers’ forever family found her to be the perfect addition to their family. Her Dad Chris wrote that “Sabre is doing awesome a very playful dog for her age she seems to be very happy”. Although Sabre was hearing impaired it did not hamper her ability to enjoy life – she would often happily sit on the floor while the two kids hugged and petted her. With caring and patience from the new people in her life, Sabre became a wonderful family dog. She died peacefully at home with her real family.



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