Goodbye Nelly…

Nelly arrived on our doorstep in the spring of 2009 after losing her equine best friend. Nelly had spent ten years in a field with a horse, until the horse passed leaving Nelly alone.


Nelly’s owner pulled into our driveway with a chubby white goat in the back of a pickup truck and said:

Horse died, she said in tears. Goat is sad and lonely. I see you have a horse in your field, do you think Nelly the goat could come live with your horse? She’s 10 years old…. Please. She loves horses. 

Just out of the blue. She saw the horse in the field and stopped with a glimmer of hope to find a home for Nelly.  It would likely be a good match as goats and horses are both herd animals…

… so I said yes and Nelly became one of our first unofficial residents. 

Nelly bonded to our old horse Autumn and the pair kept each other company for years. We moved to Wainfleet and Nelly came with us.


She started to deteriorate in 2017. Slower to rise, tougher to eat, urinating blood. We had the vet out, started her on antibiotics and pain medications for the arthritis. Nelly bounced back with life and vigour. She was busy bossing everyone around and making sure the young goats did not step out of line.

17446_367298765315_5229478_nIn March of 2018 Nelly’s front legs became deformed, due to arthritis causing mobility issues. She had bad days, but seemed to bounce back. We had to give Nelly her own stall with private paddock because Sweet Peas (also a goat) was beating up on Nelly and Nelly could no longer defend herself.

Nelly became fragile.


May 2018

In May 2018 we knew it was time. Nelly wasn’t eating and the light had faded in her usually bright eyes. The kindest thing we could do was give Nelly a peaceful end of days.

nelly in stall 2018

In the morning of May 11, 2018, in her twentieth year, we laid Nelly to rest with the help of our trusted large animal vet Dr. Sherry.

Dr Sherry was very kind, gave condolences and a big hug. She smelled fresh, like soap and freshly cut hay.

nelly in hay 2018

Nelly was one of the original animals who saw the creation of BCFS. She is the last one remaining of that core group. We’re sad at Nelly’s passing and wish her a safe journey over the rainbow bridge. Autumn has been waiting for you.




6 thoughts on “Goodbye Nelly…”

  1. Oh god rest her mighty soul. I’m shedding tears for your loss. That is really sad but thankfully you were blessed with her coming to you. It’ll all be okay. Thanks for giving her many years of love.

  2. Oh no!!!! I can’t see to type this message. I am just sobbing. I know 20 yrs. is a “good” life, but why does it seem that our precious animals are here for such a short period of time. God Bless you Nelly, I’m sure you’ve already reached the Rainbow Bridge and you know life won’t be any different there than the one that was provided to you at Beaver Creek Farm Sanctuary. Beaver Creek is just a “pre-lude” to the Rainbow Bridge. You are one of the lucky ones that was blessed to have lived there.

  3. Oh Amy, so sorry! I remember her as a baby sitting on Brent’s lap… she was so cute and lots of fun to watch grow up!
    Hugs to you and all who knew and loved her.

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