Goodbye Chickens

We’re missing our chickens. I went out to feed the ducks and chickens, but there were only ducks and a handful of chicken feathers.

This is not a good summer for the farm. So much death. So much sadness. So much grief.

Coyotes? Fox? Both take the bodies with them and there were no bodies, just feathers, but coyotes will continue to come after and kill all the cats, while fox will stick to easy prey. Like the ducks.

I could hear the coyotes howling tonight and it gave me the serious creeps.

Having the coyotes in the barn means they’re one step closer to the farm. One step closer to the puppies. Once step closer to us, but there are three things coyotes don’t like: pigs, lamas and donkeys. I don’t mind doing a little farm investing, but it would be nice to find one that needed a home too.

Brent and I decided we needed to take back the barn, so we moved the pigs back into the barn paddock. We didn’t lose a single bird while they were on guard duty, so perhaps we can prevent further coyote killing by protecting the ducks with over two hundred pounds of pig.

The pigs and ducks seem happy living together and I think once the cold weather hits they’ll learn to cuddle. I really hoping they keep each other safe. It feels right to have them in that space. It feels good to hear the pig squeals and the duck hiss when I get my car out of the barn in the morning.

An empty barn is just the playroom for a raccoons and wildlife which brings danger closer to my doorstep and my puppies.

I send out a special cheer to Elvis, our rooster and Missy, our hen. A speedy trip to heaven, save a place for us in the barn and give Gizmo a big hug an kiss from his family who miss him very much.


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